Special Russian Railways Fares

Save money with our special fares.

For round trip tickets

Round trip tickets are not only convenient, but also cheaper. You can get a substantial discount on your return ticket:

  1. For round trip tickets for the same service class on Sapsan trains, you get a 20% discount on your return ticket. This discount applies to full and child fare tickets.
  2. For round trip tickets on trains to Belarus in a 4-person sleeper compartment car or a 2-person sleeper car, you get a 20% discount on your return ticket. The round trip ticket must be in the same service class and the discount applies to both full and child fare. The discount does not apply if you are traveling within one country (Russia or Belarus) and applies to the following trains: No. 96/95 Brest - Moscow, No. 26/25 Minsk - Moscow, No. 40/39 Polotsk - Moscow, No. 56/55 Gomel - Mogilev - Moscow, No. 58/57 Grodno - St. Petersburg, No.76/75 Gomel - Moscow, No. 78/77 Grodno - Moscow, 84/83 Gomel - St. Petersburg, No. 132/131 Brest - Moscow, groups of cars Brest-Moscow in trains No. 676/76 and No. 75/675.
  3. For round trip tickets on FPC Lux cars, you get a 15% discount on your return ticket.

To order a round trip ticket, choose Round trip when you select the destination.

Special fare for schoolchildren

From September 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017, schoolchildren aged 10 to 18 years old can use the School Fare , which offers a 50% discount on travel in economy class cars without a reserved seat, economy class sleeper cars or sitting cars on long-distance trains operated by FPC within Russia. Please note that, a certificate confirming that you are a full time student or pupil must be shown when boarding the train. Otherwise, you may be not allowed to board the train. Please note that a passenger who turns 19 years old on the day of travel cannot be issued an e-ticket at the School Fare.

Special fare for teenagers and young people

From September 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017, passengers aged 10 to 21 years old can use the JUNIOR fare, which offers a 30% discount on all service classes on Sapsan trains, except for 1V and 1R.

Passengers aged 12 to 26 years old, can use the 30% discount JUNIOR fare for travel in a car of any class on an international train.