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  • Without electronic registration: paper ticket and passport.

    With electronic registration: show the ticket on your phone's screen (or a printed ticket) and your passport.

    For children: birth certificate and ticket.

    1. go to the website;
    2. go to the My Orders tab or your Personal Account;
    3. select the order and the number of tickets you wish to return;
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    If the refund was successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • The law allows you to take a pet in a cage or in a container on the train. To do this, you have to buy a separate ticket at the ticket office. Large pets can only be carried in 4-person sleeper compartments or 2-person sleeper cars (you need to book the whole compartment). Veterinary documents are mandatory for international trips.

  • You can buy e-tickets for local, long-distance and international trains on the website. An e-ticket is a paperless ticket containing all the details of your trip. You can save it on your smartphone or tablet and show it on the screen when boarding.

  • You cannot change an e-ticket online: you can only return it or buy a new one, or you can change it at the ticket office.

  • If there is only one wrong letter and/or number, you can board the train without changing anything. If there is a mistake in your date of birth, and it does not affect the ticket price (it was not issued at the child fare), you do not have to correct it.

    If there are more mistakes, you need to get a new ticket. There are two ways of doing this:

    1. At the ticket office; the service costs RUB 236.40. According to the rules, the details can be changed only on a Federal Passenger Company (FPC) ticket. In practice, it is also possible for other carriers.
    2. You can also inform the conductor before departure. The price is RUB 200. This service is only available for FPC trains.
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Moscow - Voronez: Воронеж train tickets

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Отправление и прибытие поезда (en)по местному времени (en)по московскому времени (en)


ФПКExpress train Named train
This train includes air-conditioned cars
This train contains seats for passengers with pets
This train includes cars where meals are served
This train includes cars with newspapers available
This train includes cars with bed linen available
This train includes cars with personal hygene kits available
This train includes cars with TVs
11 h 42 min
21:04SeatsSat, 19 OctMoscowPaveletskiy station
Train rating
08:46SeatsSun, 20 OctVoronezStation Voronej
2-person sleeper car
Ужин должен быть по желанию пассажира, а не включён в стоимость билета. Нет горячей воды в вагоне люкс!!!
В поезде чисто , но туалет пахнет так как будто там было стадо коров ( но судя потому кто был в поезде , наверно так и было ) . Порадовал ужин- завтрак- обед ( съедобно , пробовал все , кроме булугура , сами травитесь веганы- мясо рулит ! ). Тесно , не знаю кто проектировал вагон, скорее всего хоббиты , но если сильно устал уснёшь , если тебя через поручен не перехерачит из- за тряски ... Проводники - БОГИ МАРКЕТИНГА , купил кружку за 1200
Economy class sleeper car
Плацкарт комфортный , кондиционер работает как надо , в купе чисто
Lux compartment
Здравствуйте! Мне удалось проехать в отличном купе и в «так себе», поэтому есть, что сравнивать! Присутствует неприятный запах в туалете, вентиляция слабая. Видео система плохо организована в части проводки: провода перекручены, есть скрутки и пропадал звук. У вас хорошее пространство , но за ним нужно следить!
Total reviews29Collapse
Economy class sleeper car
from1 483,4 R141 seat/place
from3 974,4 R66 seats
2-person sleeper car
from8 636,6 R3 seats
Lux compartment
from16 250,6 R8 seats


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