Timetable of train 008Х Saratov - Almatie

Carrier: КТЖ

Train rating:

from5 623R
StationArrivalStopping timeDepartureDistanceTravel time
SaratovStation Saratov-1
Stopping time 0 min
18:51Wed, 16 Oct
Travel time 0 min
Urbah20:40Stopping time 2 min20:42
Distance76 km
Travel time1 h 49 min
Mokrous21:24Stopping time 2 min21:26
Distance113 km
Travel time2 h 31 min
Ershov22:13Stopping time 2 min22:15
Distance168 km
Travel time3 h 18 min
Altata23:04Stopping time 2 min23:06
Distance204 km
Travel time4 h 7 min
Ozinki00:32Stopping time1 h 30 min02:02
Distance272 km
Travel time5 h 33 min
Semiglaviey Mar05:39Stopping time1 h 10 min06:49
Distance272 km
Travel time9 h 10 min
Taskala07:22Stopping time 5 min07:27
Distance292 km
Travel time9 h 43 min
Peremetnaya08:06Stopping time 5 min08:11
Distance332 km
Travel time10 h 22 min
Uralsk08:51Stopping time 34 min09:25
Distance368 km
Travel time11 h 2 min
Kazahstan11:25Stopping time 5 min11:30
Distance482 km
Travel time13 h 2 min
Chingirlau12:52Stopping time 55 min13:47
Distance558 km
Travel time14 h 24 min
Iletsk14:52Stopping time 40 min15:32
Distance622 km
Travel time15 h 29 min
Zhaysan17:03Stopping time1 h 0 min18:03
Distance715 km
Travel time17 h 0 min
Aktobe19:45Stopping time 40 min20:25
Distance810 km
Travel time18 h 42 min
Kandieagash21:54Stopping time 20 min22:14
Distance901 km
Travel time20 h 11 min
Zhem23:56Stopping time 20 min00:16
Distance990 km
Travel time21 h 53 min
Shalkar03:04Stopping time 33 min03:37
Distance1145 km
Travel time1 day 41 min
Sekseul06:10Stopping time 20 min06:30
Distance1287 km
Travel time1 day 3 h 14 min
Aral Tenizi07:18Stopping time 10 min07:28
Distance1338 km
Travel time1 day 4 h 2 min
Kamqstqbas08:32Stopping time 2 min08:34
Distance1409 km
Travel time1 day 5 h 6 min
Kazalq09:19Stopping time 24 min09:43
Distance1450 km
Travel time1 day 5 h 51 min
Toretam11:09Stopping time 7 min11:16
Distance1543 km
Travel time1 day 7 h 17 min
Zhosalq12:24Stopping time 5 min12:29
Distance1606 km
Travel time1 day 8 h 25 min
Kqzqlorda14:24Stopping time 20 min14:44
Distance1737 km
Travel time1 day 10 h 20 min
Shieli16:37Stopping time 20 min16:57
Distance1861 km
Travel time1 day 12 h 13 min
Yanie-Kurgan17:48Stopping time 5 min17:53
Distance1912 km
Travel time1 day 13 h 4 min
Turkestan19:20Stopping time 15 min19:35
Distance2016 km
Travel time1 day 14 h 31 min
Timur20:26Stopping time 1 min20:27
Distance2070 km
Travel time1 day 15 h 22 min
Op Arqs 221:16Stopping time 20 min21:36
Distance2122 km
Travel time1 day 16 h 11 min
Shqmkent22:47Stopping time 14 min23:01
Distance2190 km
Travel time1 day 17 h 22 min
Mankent23:30Stopping time 2 min23:32
Distance2213 km
Travel time1 day 17 h 51 min
Tyulkubas00:43Stopping time 14 min00:57
Distance2252 km
Travel time1 day 19 h 2 min
Borandq02:05Stopping time 2 min02:07
Distance2294 km
Travel time1 day 20 h 10 min
Taraz03:20Stopping time 20 min03:40
Distance2351 km
Travel time1 day 21 h 23 min
Lugovaya05:15Stopping time 10 min05:25
Distance2463 km
Travel time1 day 22 h 58 min
Shu07:04Stopping time 20 min07:24
Distance2573 km
Travel time2 day 37 min
Otar09:34Stopping time 21 min09:55
Distance2690 km
Travel time2 day 2 h 47 min
Almatq 112:16Stopping time 5 min12:21
Distance2832 km
Travel time2 day 5 h 8 min
Almatq 2
12:43Sat, 19 Oct
Stopping time 0 min
Distance2840 km
Travel time2 day 5 h 30 min
19:45Wed, 16 Oct
Stopping time2 h 50 min
22:35Wed, 16 Oct
Distance799 km
Travel time 0 min
Bestamak23:05Stopping time 3 min23:08
Distance826 km
Travel time 30 min
Alga23:24Stopping time 3 min23:27
Distance842 km
Travel time 46 min
Tamdie23:40Stopping time 3 min23:43
Distance852 km
Travel time 59 min
Akkemer00:01Stopping time 2 min00:03
Distance870 km
Travel time1 h 17 min
Kandieagash00:28Stopping time 15 min00:43
Distance892 km
Travel time1 h 42 min
Temir01:18Stopping time 5 min01:23
Distance920 km
Travel time2 h 17 min
Kalmakkiergan01:52Stopping time 20 min02:12
Distance948 km
Travel time2 h 46 min
Shubarkudiek02:36Stopping time 20 min02:56
Distance970 km
Travel time3 h 10 min
Rzd 10203:15Stopping time 2 min03:17
Distance985 km
Travel time3 h 29 min
Kenzhalie03:31Stopping time 3 min03:34
Distance1000 km
Travel time3 h 43 min
Rzd 14203:59Stopping time 1 min04:00
Distance1020 km
Travel time4 h 8 min
Karaulkeldie04:16Stopping time 21 min04:37
Distance1036 km
Travel time4 h 24 min
Raz'ezd 174 Km04:54Stopping time 1 min04:55
Distance1051 km
Travel time4 h 41 min
Zharlie05:08Stopping time 2 min05:10
Distance1065 km
Travel time4 h 54 min
Рзд 202 км05:29Stopping time 4 min05:33
Distance1065 km
Travel time5 h 13 min
Nogaytq05:48Stopping time 2 min05:50
Distance1065 km
Travel time5 h 28 min
Raz'ezd 236 Km06:09Stopping time 1 min06:10
Distance1083 km
Travel time5 h 47 min
Sagiz06:34Stopping time 15 min06:49
Distance1101 km
Travel time6 h 11 min
Raz'ezd 265 Km07:06Stopping time 1 min07:07
Distance1110 km
Travel time6 h 28 min
Raz'ezd 279 Km07:29Stopping time 1 min07:30
Distance1124 km
Travel time6 h 50 min
Mukur07:47Stopping time 32 min08:19
Distance1138 km
Travel time7 h 7 min
Zhanterek08:50Stopping time 5 min08:55
Distance1162 km
Travel time7 h 38 min
Kenbay09:15Stopping time 2 min09:17
Distance1177 km
Travel time7 h 58 min
Zhamansor09:36Stopping time 4 min09:40
Distance1197 km
Travel time8 h 17 min
Raz'ezd 377 Km10:04Stopping time 2 min10:06
Distance1219 km
Travel time8 h 41 min
Makat10:26Stopping time 27 min10:53
Distance1235 km
Travel time9 h 1 min
Raz'ezd N4711:13Stopping time 3 min11:16
Distance1252 km
Travel time9 h 21 min
Bekbeke11:36Stopping time 25 min12:01
Distance1269 km
Travel time9 h 41 min
Baiterek12:20Stopping time 9 min12:29
Distance1280 km
Travel time10 h 0 min
Raz'ezd N47012:43Stopping time 8 min12:51
Distance1296 km
Travel time10 h 14 min
Raz'ezd N46913:14Stopping time 1 min13:15
Distance1309 km
Travel time10 h 37 min
Оп 1254 км13:30Stopping time 1 min13:31
Distance1309 km
Travel time10 h 52 min
Shokpartogai13:41Stopping time 1 min13:42
Distance1309 km
Travel time11 h 2 min
Kulsarie13:58Stopping time 15 min14:13
Distance1320 km
Travel time11 h 18 min
Raz'ezd N46814:37Stopping time 2 min14:39
Distance1349 km
Travel time11 h 42 min
Raz'ezd N46715:00Stopping time 2 min15:02
Distance1369 km
Travel time12 h 3 min
Toltier15:22Stopping time 2 min15:24
Distance1375 km
Travel time12 h 23 min
Raz'ezd N4615:46Stopping time 2 min15:48
Distance1397 km
Travel time12 h 45 min
Opornaya16:16Stopping time 5 min16:21
Distance1413 km
Travel time13 h 13 min
Raz'ezd N4616:47Stopping time 2 min16:49
Distance1435 km
Travel time13 h 39 min
Raz'ezd N4617:12Stopping time 2 min17:14
Distance1453 km
Travel time14 h 2 min
Korkol17:48Stopping time 2 min17:50
Distance1471 km
Travel time14 h 36 min
Raz'ezd N4618:12Stopping time 2 min18:14
Distance1489 km
Travel time14 h 58 min
Raz'ezd N46018:45Stopping time 1 min18:46
Distance1505 km
Travel time15 h 29 min
Beyneu19:06Stopping time 30 min19:36
Distance1527 km
Travel time15 h 49 min
Raz'ezd N119:54Stopping time 12 min20:06
Distance1537 km
Travel time16 h 7 min
Raz'ezd N2-G20:27Stopping time 1 min20:28
Distance1588 km
Travel time16 h 28 min
Рзд N320:50Stopping time 1 min20:51
Distance1588 km
Travel time16 h 50 min
Ustyurt21:20Stopping time 2 min21:22
Distance1588 km
Travel time17 h 19 min
Рзд N521:45Stopping time 2 min21:47
Distance1588 km
Travel time17 h 42 min
Raz'ezd N6-G22:15Stopping time 6 min22:21
Distance1588 km
Travel time18 h 10 min
Рзд N722:54Stopping time 2 min22:56
Distance1588 km
Travel time18 h 43 min
Say-Utes23:22Stopping time 34 min23:56
Distance1588 km
Travel time19 h 9 min
Рзд N900:29Stopping time 2 min00:31
Distance1588 km
Travel time19 h 42 min
Manat00:53Stopping time 4 min00:57
Distance1588 km
Travel time20 h 4 min
Raz'ezd N10-G01:15Stopping time 2 min01:17
Distance1601 km
Travel time20 h 22 min
Рзд N1101:40Stopping time 3 min01:43
Distance1601 km
Travel time20 h 45 min
Raz'ezd N12-G02:07Stopping time 2 min02:09
Distance1601 km
Travel time21 h 9 min
Рзд N1302:35Stopping time 2 min02:37
Distance1601 km
Travel time21 h 35 min
Shetpe02:56Stopping time 10 min03:06
Distance1601 km
Travel time21 h 54 min
Рзд N1403:24Stopping time 2 min03:26
Distance1601 km
Travel time22 h 12 min
Raz'ezd N1503:53Stopping time 2 min03:55
Distance1601 km
Travel time22 h 39 min
Оп 368 км04:10Stopping time 1 min04:11
Distance1601 km
Travel time22 h 54 min
Рзд N1604:24Stopping time 2 min04:26
Distance1601 km
Travel time23 h 7 min
Tamak04:47Stopping time 1 min04:48
Distance1601 km
Travel time23 h 28 min
05:00Fri, 18 Oct
Stopping time 0 min
Distance1610 km
Travel time23 h 40 min

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