Timetable of train 069Ч Chita - Moscow

Carrier: ФПК

Train rating:

from4 180RBuy
StationArrivalStopping timeDepartureDistanceTravel time
Stopping time 0 min
15:09Fri, 23 Aug
Travel time 0 min
Mogzon17:57Stopping time 2 min17:59
Distance110 km
Travel time2 h 48 min
Haragun18:56Stopping time 2 min18:58
Distance278 km
Travel time3 h 45 min
Hushenga19:18Stopping time 2 min19:20
Distance467 km
Travel time4 h 5 min
Giershelun19:38Stopping time 2 min19:40
Distance674 km
Travel time4 h 23 min
Hilok20:01Stopping time 15 min20:16
Distance896 km
Travel time4 h 44 min
Zhiphegen20:48Stopping time 2 min20:50
Distance1134 km
Travel time5 h 16 min
Bada21:14Stopping time 2 min21:16
Distance1394 km
Travel time5 h 40 min
Hohotuy21:38Stopping time 2 min21:40
Distance1677 km
Travel time6 h 2 min
Novopavlovka22:13Stopping time 2 min22:15
Distance1985 km
Travel time6 h 35 min
Tarbagatay22:29Stopping time 2 min22:31
Distance2303 km
Travel time6 h 49 min
Balyaga22:49Stopping time 2 min22:51
Distance2633 km
Travel time7 h 7 min
Petrovskiy Zavod23:16Stopping time 12 min23:28
Distance2963 km
Travel time7 h 32 min
Kizha23:50Stopping time 1 min23:51
Distance3287 km
Travel time7 h 54 min
Gorhon00:10Stopping time 1 min00:11
Distance3615 km
Travel time8 h 13 min
Zaigraevo00:57Stopping time 1 min00:58
Distance3974 km
Travel time8 h 59 min
Zaudinskiy01:44Stopping time 1 min01:45
Distance4374 km
Travel time9 h 45 min
Ulan-Udei02:02Stopping time 45 min02:47
Distance4780 km
Travel time10 h 2 min
Tataurovo03:26Stopping time 2 min03:28
Distance5195 km
Travel time10 h 41 min
Selenga04:00Stopping time 2 min04:02
Distance5648 km
Travel time11 h 13 min
Timlyuy04:19Stopping time 2 min04:21
Distance6119 km
Travel time11 h 30 min
Miesovaya05:17Stopping time 2 min05:19
Distance6644 km
Travel time12 h 26 min
Klyuevka05:33Stopping time 2 min05:35
Distance7178 km
Travel time12 h 40 min
Mishiha05:48Stopping time 2 min05:50
Distance7723 km
Travel time12 h 53 min
Pereemnaya06:12Stopping time 2 min06:14
Distance8292 km
Travel time13 h 15 min
Tanhoy06:27Stopping time 4 min06:31
Distance8871 km
Travel time13 h 28 min
Kedrovaya-Sibirskaya06:49Stopping time 2 min06:51
Distance9463 km
Travel time13 h 46 min
Viedrino07:10Stopping time 18 min07:28
Distance10076 km
Travel time14 h 5 min
Baykalsk07:57Stopping time 2 min07:59
Distance10717 km
Travel time14 h 34 min
Slyudyanka08:42Stopping time 5 min08:47
Distance11390 km
Travel time15 h 17 min
Irkutsk10:59Stopping time 40 min11:39
Distance12021 km
Travel time17 h 29 min
Irkutsk11:53Stopping time 2 min11:55
Distance12655 km
Travel time17 h 43 min
Angarsk12:33Stopping time 3 min12:36
Distance13309 km
Travel time18 h 21 min
Usole-Sibirskoe13:03Stopping time 2 min13:05
Distance13982 km
Travel time18 h 48 min
Cheremhovo13:57Stopping time 2 min13:59
Distance14696 km
Travel time19 h 40 min
Zalari15:03Stopping time 2 min15:05
Distance15453 km
Travel time20 h 44 min
Zima16:04Stopping time 30 min16:34
Distance16247 km
Travel time21 h 43 min
Kuytun17:28Stopping time 2 min17:30
Distance17086 km
Travel time22 h 37 min
Tulun18:34Stopping time 2 min18:36
Distance17992 km
Travel time23 h 41 min
Nizhneudinsk20:23Stopping time 13 min20:36
Distance19000 km
Travel time1 day 1 h 28 min
Tayshet23:09Stopping time 5 min23:14
Distance20100 km
Travel time1 day 4 h 1 min
Reshotie00:11Stopping time 1 min00:12
Distance21255 km
Travel time1 day 4 h 58 min
Tinskaya00:32Stopping time 1 min00:33
Distance22427 km
Travel time1 day 5 h 18 min
Ingashskaya00:58Stopping time 1 min00:59
Distance23624 km
Travel time1 day 5 h 43 min
Ilanskaya01:27Stopping time 17 min01:44
Distance24849 km
Travel time1 day 6 h 11 min
Kansk-Eniseyskiy02:15Stopping time 3 min02:18
Distance26095 km
Travel time1 day 6 h 42 min
Zaozernaya03:25Stopping time 2 min03:27
Distance27395 km
Travel time1 day 7 h 49 min
Uyar04:01Stopping time 1 min04:02
Distance28715 km
Travel time1 day 8 h 23 min
Krasnoyarsk06:09Stopping time 39 min06:48
Distance30131 km
Travel time1 day 10 h 30 min
Kozulka08:46Stopping time 1 min08:47
Distance31638 km
Travel time1 day 12 h 28 min
Achinsk09:45Stopping time 30 min10:15
Distance33200 km
Travel time1 day 13 h 26 min
Bogotol11:20Stopping time 2 min11:22
Distance34822 km
Travel time1 day 14 h 31 min
Tyazhin12:41Stopping time 2 min12:43
Distance36505 km
Travel time1 day 15 h 50 min
Mariinsk13:41Stopping time 49 min14:30
Distance38237 km
Travel time1 day 16 h 48 min
Anzherskaya16:19Stopping time 2 min16:21
Distance40073 km
Travel time1 day 18 h 37 min
Tayga16:49Stopping time 3 min16:52
Distance41935 km
Travel time1 day 19 h 5 min
Yurga17:50Stopping time 2 min17:52
Distance43845 km
Travel time1 day 20 h 3 min
Bolotnaya18:20Stopping time 2 min18:22
Distance45783 km
Travel time1 day 20 h 31 min
Novosibirsk20:06Stopping time1 h 3 min21:09
Distance47818 km
Travel time1 day 22 h 15 min
Ob21:32Stopping time 2 min21:34
Distance49864 km
Travel time1 day 22 h 38 min
Barabinsk00:47Stopping time 30 min01:17
Distance52184 km
Travel time2 day 1 h 51 min
Tatarskaya03:06Stopping time 2 min03:08
Distance54656 km
Travel time2 day 3 h 40 min
Omsk06:00Stopping time 18 min06:18
Distance57295 km
Travel time2 day 6 h 32 min
Nazievaevskaya07:52Stopping time 2 min07:54
Distance60049 km
Travel time2 day 8 h 6 min
Mangut08:32Stopping time 2 min08:34
Distance62836 km
Travel time2 day 8 h 44 min
Maslyanskaya09:13Stopping time 2 min09:15
Distance65659 km
Travel time2 day 9 h 23 min
Ishim09:59Stopping time 15 min10:14
Distance68517 km
Travel time2 day 10 h 7 min
Karasulskaya10:49Stopping time 2 min10:51
Distance71407 km
Travel time2 day 10 h 42 min
Golieshmanovo11:20Stopping time 2 min11:22
Distance74329 km
Travel time2 day 11 h 11 min
Omutinskaya11:54Stopping time 2 min11:56
Distance77292 km
Travel time2 day 11 h 43 min
Zavodoukovskaya12:46Stopping time 2 min12:48
Distance80322 km
Travel time2 day 12 h 33 min
Yalutorovsk13:07Stopping time 2 min13:09
Distance83363 km
Travel time2 day 12 h 52 min
Tyumen14:06Stopping time 31 min14:37
Distance86442 km
Travel time2 day 13 h 49 min
Talitsa16:25Stopping time 2 min16:27
Distance89628 km
Travel time2 day 15 h 37 min
Kamieshlov17:26Stopping time 4 min17:30
Distance92880 km
Travel time2 day 16 h 36 min
Elanskiy17:48Stopping time 2 min17:50
Distance96146 km
Travel time2 day 16 h 54 min
Bogdanovich18:16Stopping time 2 min18:18
Distance99439 km
Travel time2 day 17 h 20 min
Ekaterinburg19:55Stopping time1 h 27 min21:22
Distance102816 km
Travel time2 day 18 h 57 min
Pervouralsk22:07Stopping time 2 min22:09
Distance106229 km
Travel time2 day 19 h 42 min
Kungur01:27Stopping time 2 min01:29
Distance109801 km
Travel time2 day 23 h 0 min
Perm02:57Stopping time 24 min03:21
Distance113403 km
Travel time3 day 28 min
Mendeleevo04:44Stopping time 2 min04:46
Distance117068 km
Travel time3 day 1 h 51 min
Vereshchagino05:12Stopping time 2 min05:14
Distance120755 km
Travel time3 day 2 h 17 min
Kez06:22Stopping time 2 min06:24
Distance124501 km
Travel time3 day 3 h 25 min
Balezino07:31Stopping time 26 min07:57
Distance128285 km
Travel time3 day 4 h 32 min
Glazov08:22Stopping time 2 min08:24
Distance132083 km
Travel time3 day 4 h 57 min
Kirov11:01Stopping time 15 min11:16
Distance136034 km
Travel time3 day 7 h 34 min
Kotelnich12:42Stopping time 2 min12:44
Distance140067 km
Travel time3 day 9 h 0 min
Svecha13:43Stopping time 2 min13:45
Distance144147 km
Travel time3 day 9 h 59 min
Shabalino14:05Stopping time 2 min14:07
Distance148248 km
Travel time3 day 10 h 19 min
Gostovskaya14:26Stopping time 1 min14:27
Distance152371 km
Travel time3 day 10 h 38 min
Ponazierevo14:44Stopping time 6 min14:50
Distance156513 km
Travel time3 day 10 h 55 min
Sharya15:27Stopping time 14 min15:41
Distance160698 km
Travel time3 day 11 h 32 min
Manturovo16:22Stopping time 2 min16:24
Distance164927 km
Travel time3 day 12 h 13 min
Brantovka16:45Stopping time 1 min16:46
Distance169180 km
Travel time3 day 12 h 34 min
Neya17:10Stopping time 2 min17:12
Distance173459 km
Travel time3 day 12 h 58 min
Nikolo-Poloma17:47Stopping time 2 min17:49
Distance177761 km
Travel time3 day 13 h 33 min
Antropovo18:13Stopping time 2 min18:15
Distance182082 km
Travel time3 day 13 h 57 min
Galich18:56Stopping time 14 min19:10
Distance186440 km
Travel time3 day 14 h 38 min
Buy20:00Stopping time 6 min20:06
Distance190836 km
Travel time3 day 15 h 28 min
Lyubim21:20Stopping time 2 min21:22
Distance195283 km
Travel time3 day 16 h 42 min
Danilov22:10Stopping time 34 min22:44
Distance199764 km
Travel time3 day 17 h 30 min
Yaroslavl23:47Stopping time 30 min00:17
Distance204290 km
Travel time3 day 18 h 33 min
04:11Wed, 28 Aug
Stopping time 0 min
Distance209027 km
Travel time3 day 22 h 27 min
10:59Fri, 23 Aug
Stopping time5 h 51 min
16:50Fri, 23 Aug
Distance631 km
Travel time 0 min
Irkutsk17:04Stopping time 2 min17:06
Distance1265 km
Travel time 14 min
Angarsk17:44Stopping time 5 min17:49
Distance1919 km
Travel time 52 min
Usole-Sibirskoe18:16Stopping time 2 min18:18
Distance2592 km
Travel time1 h 19 min
Cheremhovo19:16Stopping time 2 min19:18
Distance3306 km
Travel time2 h 17 min
Kutulik19:48Stopping time 2 min19:50
Distance4045 km
Travel time2 h 47 min
Zalari20:18Stopping time 2 min20:20
Distance4802 km
Travel time3 h 15 min
Zima21:17Stopping time 30 min21:47
Distance5596 km
Travel time4 h 12 min
Kuytun22:41Stopping time 2 min22:43
Distance6435 km
Travel time5 h 6 min
Tulun23:57Stopping time 2 min23:59
Distance7341 km
Travel time6 h 20 min
Nizhneudinsk01:45Stopping time 13 min01:58
Distance8349 km
Travel time8 h 6 min
Alzamay03:23Stopping time 2 min03:25
Distance9397 km
Travel time9 h 31 min
Tayshet04:39Stopping time 5 min04:44
Distance10497 km
Travel time10 h 45 min
Reshotie05:41Stopping time 1 min05:42
Distance11652 km
Travel time11 h 42 min
Ilanskaya06:48Stopping time 17 min07:05
Distance12877 km
Travel time12 h 48 min
Kansk-Eniseyskiy07:37Stopping time 2 min07:39
Distance14123 km
Travel time13 h 20 min
Zaozernaya08:46Stopping time 1 min08:47
Distance15423 km
Travel time14 h 27 min
Uyar09:22Stopping time 1 min09:23
Distance16743 km
Travel time15 h 2 min
Krasnoyarsk11:21Stopping time 41 min12:02
Distance18159 km
Travel time17 h 0 min
Achinsk14:52Stopping time 2 min14:54
Distance19721 km
Travel time19 h 50 min
Bogotol15:58Stopping time 2 min16:00
Distance21343 km
Travel time20 h 54 min
Tyazhin17:00Stopping time 1 min17:01
Distance23026 km
Travel time21 h 54 min
Mariinsk17:48Stopping time 27 min18:15
Distance24758 km
Travel time22 h 41 min
Anzherskaya19:53Stopping time 2 min19:55
Distance26594 km
Travel time1 day 19 min
Tayga20:29Stopping time 2 min20:31
Distance28456 km
Travel time1 day 53 min
Yurga21:36Stopping time 2 min21:38
Distance30366 km
Travel time1 day 1 h 58 min
Novosibirsk23:59Stopping time 20 min00:19
Distance32401 km
Travel time1 day 4 h 19 min
Barabinsk03:58Stopping time 30 min04:28
Distance34721 km
Travel time1 day 7 h 58 min
Chanie05:46Stopping time 2 min05:48
Distance37142 km
Travel time1 day 9 h 16 min
Tatarskaya06:34Stopping time 2 min06:36
Distance39614 km
Travel time1 day 10 h 2 min
Kalachinskaya07:50Stopping time 2 min07:52
Distance42176 km
Travel time1 day 11 h 16 min
Omsk09:04Stopping time 16 min09:20
Distance44815 km
Travel time1 day 12 h 28 min
Isilkul10:52Stopping time1 h 0 min11:52
Distance47588 km
Travel time1 day 14 h 0 min
Petropavlovsk13:39Stopping time 40 min14:19
Distance50493 km
Travel time1 day 15 h 47 min
Petuhovo15:39Stopping time 5 min15:44
Distance53473 km
Travel time1 day 17 h 7 min
Makushino16:24Stopping time 2 min16:26
Distance56491 km
Travel time1 day 17 h 47 min
Lebyazhya-Sibirskaya16:58Stopping time 1 min16:59
Distance59553 km
Travel time1 day 18 h 19 min
Kurgan18:10Stopping time 11 min18:21
Distance62683 km
Travel time1 day 19 h 30 min
Yurgamiesh19:04Stopping time 1 min19:05
Distance65867 km
Travel time1 day 20 h 13 min
Mishkino19:32Stopping time 1 min19:33
Distance69086 km
Travel time1 day 20 h 40 min
Shumiha20:03Stopping time 1 min20:04
Distance72346 km
Travel time1 day 21 h 10 min
Chelyabinsk21:38Stopping time 46 min22:24
Distance75723 km
Travel time1 day 22 h 44 min
Miass23:51Stopping time 2 min23:53
Distance79182 km
Travel time2 day 11 min
Zlatoust01:00Stopping time 2 min01:02
Distance82661 km
Travel time2 day 1 h 18 min
Berdyaush02:03Stopping time 1 min02:04
Distance86176 km
Travel time2 day 2 h 19 min
Suleya02:33Stopping time 1 min02:34
Distance89708 km
Travel time2 day 2 h 48 min
Vyazovaya03:24Stopping time 1 min03:25
Distance93280 km
Travel time2 day 3 h 38 min
Ust-Katav03:44Stopping time 1 min03:45
Distance96861 km
Travel time2 day 3 h 57 min
Kropachevo04:12Stopping time 23 min04:35
Distance100451 km
Travel time2 day 4 h 24 min
Ufa07:33Stopping time 24 min07:57
Distance104174 km
Travel time2 day 7 h 22 min
Aksakovo11:14Stopping time 2 min11:16
Distance108035 km
Travel time2 day 10 h 39 min
Abdulino12:08Stopping time 2 min12:10
Distance111941 km
Travel time2 day 11 h 31 min
Buguruslan13:37Stopping time 2 min13:39
Distance115924 km
Travel time2 day 12 h 58 min
Samara16:18Stopping time 55 min17:13
Distance120066 km
Travel time2 day 15 h 37 min
Siezran20:45Stopping time 12 min20:57
Distance124309 km
Travel time2 day 19 h 9 min
Vozrozhdenie22:15Stopping time 2 min22:17
Distance128592 km
Travel time2 day 20 h 27 min
Kulatka22:39Stopping time 2 min22:41
Distance132902 km
Travel time2 day 20 h 49 min
Sennaya23:45Stopping time 2 min23:47
Distance137285 km
Travel time2 day 21 h 53 min
Saratov02:07Stopping time 43 min02:50
Distance141759 km
Travel time3 day 13 min
Karamiesh04:41Stopping time 3 min04:44
Distance146293 km
Travel time3 day 2 h 4 min
Petrov Val06:23Stopping time 3 min06:26
Distance150892 km
Travel time3 day 3 h 43 min
Volgograd09:46Stopping time 35 min10:21
Distance155615 km
Travel time3 day 7 h 3 min
Sarepta10:58Stopping time 3 min11:01
Distance160350 km
Travel time3 day 7 h 40 min
Zhutovo13:21Stopping time 2 min13:23
Distance165172 km
Travel time3 day 10 h 0 min
Kotelnikovo14:17Stopping time 5 min14:22
Distance170046 km
Travel time3 day 10 h 54 min
Remontnaya15:03Stopping time 5 min15:08
Distance174957 km
Travel time3 day 11 h 35 min
Zimovniki15:46Stopping time 4 min15:50
Distance179903 km
Travel time3 day 12 h 13 min
Salsk17:36Stopping time 31 min18:07
Distance184949 km
Travel time3 day 13 h 59 min
Beloglinskaya19:23Stopping time 5 min19:28
Distance190064 km
Travel time3 day 15 h 15 min
Eya19:50Stopping time 10 min20:00
Distance195197 km
Travel time3 day 15 h 37 min
Tihoretskaya21:43Stopping time 17 min22:00
Distance200373 km
Travel time3 day 17 h 20 min
Vqselki23:26Stopping time 26 min23:52
Distance205596 km
Travel time3 day 18 h 46 min
Korenovsk00:17Stopping time 5 min00:22
Distance210838 km
Travel time3 day 19 h 11 min
Dinskaya01:08Stopping time 6 min01:14
Distance216113 km
Travel time3 day 19 h 57 min
Krasnodar01:43Stopping time 29 min02:12
Distance221415 km
Travel time3 day 20 h 26 min
Abinskaya03:22Stopping time 2 min03:24
Distance226779 km
Travel time3 day 21 h 36 min
Krimskaya03:39Stopping time 34 min04:13
Distance232150 km
Travel time3 day 21 h 51 min
AnapaStation Anapa
06:15Wed, 28 Aug
Stopping time 0 min
Distance237562 km
Travel time3 day 23 h 53 min

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