Timetable of train 097Э Tienda - Kislovodsk

Carrier: ФПК

Train rating:

from7 834RBuy
StationArrivalStopping timeDepartureDistanceTravel time
TiendaStation Tyinda
Stopping time 0 min
00:45Sun, 03 Nov
Travel time 0 min
Larba03:15Stopping time 1 min03:16
Distance110 km
Travel time2 h 30 min
Lopcha04:10Stopping time 2 min04:12
Distance253 km
Travel time3 h 24 min
Chilchi05:00Stopping time 1 min05:01
Distance429 km
Travel time4 h 12 min
Yuktali07:19Stopping time 15 min07:34
Distance682 km
Travel time6 h 30 min
Olekma09:54Stopping time 3 min09:57
Distance1007 km
Travel time8 h 50 min
Hani11:08Stopping time 30 min11:38
Distance1364 km
Travel time10 h 1 min
Ikabya13:48Stopping time 2 min13:50
Distance1789 km
Travel time12 h 11 min
Novaya Chara14:24Stopping time 45 min15:09
Distance2232 km
Travel time12 h 45 min
Kuanda17:33Stopping time 10 min17:43
Distance2790 km
Travel time15 h 9 min
Taksimo19:05Stopping time 50 min19:55
Distance3424 km
Travel time16 h 31 min
Okusikan21:29Stopping time 3 min21:32
Distance4135 km
Travel time18 h 5 min
Kyuhelbeker22:27Stopping time 2 min22:29
Distance4892 km
Travel time19 h 0 min
Noviey Uoyan23:33Stopping time 13 min23:46
Distance5715 km
Travel time20 h 4 min
Angoya00:42Stopping time 2 min00:44
Distance6589 km
Travel time21 h 0 min
Kichera01:32Stopping time 2 min01:34
Distance7513 km
Travel time21 h 48 min
Nizhneangarsk02:09Stopping time 2 min02:11
Distance8469 km
Travel time22 h 23 min
Severobaykalsk02:43Stopping time1 h 10 min03:53
Distance9442 km
Travel time22 h 55 min
Ulkan06:10Stopping time 2 min06:12
Distance10510 km
Travel time1 day 1 h 12 min
Kirenga06:50Stopping time 3 min06:53
Distance11598 km
Travel time1 day 1 h 50 min
Nebel07:35Stopping time 1 min07:36
Distance12710 km
Travel time1 day 2 h 32 min
Niya08:05Stopping time 1 min08:06
Distance13838 km
Travel time1 day 3 h 1 min
Zvezdnaya08:46Stopping time 2 min08:48
Distance14985 km
Travel time1 day 3 h 41 min
Lena10:05Stopping time 30 min10:35
Distance16178 km
Travel time1 day 4 h 58 min
Korshunikha-Angarsk13:12Stopping time 13 min13:25
Distance17470 km
Travel time1 day 7 h 35 min
Vidim14:51Stopping time 2 min14:53
Distance18826 km
Travel time1 day 9 h 1 min
Kezhemskaya15:51Stopping time 2 min15:53
Distance20222 km
Travel time1 day 9 h 59 min
Gidrostroitel16:46Stopping time 3 min16:49
Distance21653 km
Travel time1 day 10 h 52 min
Padunskiye Porogi17:09Stopping time 3 min17:12
Distance23094 km
Travel time1 day 11 h 12 min
Anzebi17:46Stopping time 3 min17:49
Distance24552 km
Travel time1 day 11 h 46 min
Vihorevka18:19Stopping time 25 min18:44
Distance26030 km
Travel time1 day 12 h 16 min
Chuna20:46Stopping time 2 min20:48
Distance27603 km
Travel time1 day 14 h 18 min
Sosnoviee Rodniki21:02Stopping time 1 min21:03
Distance29188 km
Travel time1 day 14 h 32 min
Tayshet22:59Stopping time 36 min23:35
Distance30864 km
Travel time1 day 16 h 28 min
Reshotie00:32Stopping time 1 min00:33
Distance32585 km
Travel time1 day 17 h 25 min
Ilanskaya01:39Stopping time 17 min01:56
Distance34375 km
Travel time1 day 18 h 31 min
Kansk-Eniseyskiy02:28Stopping time 2 min02:30
Distance36188 km
Travel time1 day 19 h 3 min
Zaozernaya03:38Stopping time 1 min03:39
Distance38066 km
Travel time1 day 20 h 11 min
Krasnoyarsk06:12Stopping time 45 min06:57
Distance40058 km
Travel time1 day 22 h 44 min
Kozulka08:54Stopping time 1 min08:55
Distance42135 km
Travel time2 day 41 min
Achinsk09:55Stopping time 3 min09:58
Distance44262 km
Travel time2 day 1 h 41 min
Bogotol11:03Stopping time 2 min11:05
Distance46451 km
Travel time2 day 2 h 46 min
Itat11:41Stopping time 1 min11:42
Distance48674 km
Travel time2 day 3 h 22 min
Tyazhin12:11Stopping time 2 min12:13
Distance50926 km
Travel time2 day 3 h 51 min
Mariinsk13:03Stopping time 27 min13:30
Distance53223 km
Travel time2 day 4 h 41 min
Anzherskaya15:15Stopping time 2 min15:17
Distance55626 km
Travel time2 day 6 h 26 min
Tayga15:46Stopping time 4 min15:50
Distance58054 km
Travel time2 day 6 h 55 min
Yurga16:53Stopping time 2 min16:55
Distance60540 km
Travel time2 day 7 h 58 min
Novosibirsk19:16Stopping time 52 min20:08
Distance63165 km
Travel time2 day 10 h 19 min
Barabinsk23:52Stopping time 30 min00:22
Distance66053 km
Travel time2 day 14 h 3 min
Chanie01:31Stopping time 2 min01:33
Distance69038 km
Travel time2 day 15 h 12 min
Omsk03:48Stopping time 35 min04:23
Distance72238 km
Travel time2 day 17 h 27 min
Isilkul06:09Stopping time 50 min06:59
Distance75565 km
Travel time2 day 19 h 13 min
Petropavlovsk08:47Stopping time 40 min09:27
Distance79017 km
Travel time2 day 21 h 1 min
Petuhovo10:47Stopping time 5 min10:52
Distance82534 km
Travel time2 day 22 h 21 min
Makushino11:32Stopping time 1 min11:33
Distance86083 km
Travel time2 day 23 h 1 min
Lebyazhya-Sibirskaya12:05Stopping time 1 min12:06
Distance89672 km
Travel time2 day 23 h 33 min
Vargashi12:41Stopping time 1 min12:42
Distance93295 km
Travel time3 day 8 min
Kurgan13:22Stopping time 20 min13:42
Distance96944 km
Travel time3 day 48 min
Yurgamiesh14:32Stopping time 1 min14:33
Distance100645 km
Travel time3 day 1 h 38 min
Mishkino15:01Stopping time 1 min15:02
Distance104379 km
Travel time3 day 2 h 6 min
Shumiha15:36Stopping time 1 min15:37
Distance108154 km
Travel time3 day 2 h 40 min
Shchuche16:06Stopping time 1 min16:07
Distance111961 km
Travel time3 day 3 h 9 min
Chelyabinsk17:25Stopping time 45 min18:10
Distance115847 km
Travel time3 day 4 h 27 min
Miass19:39Stopping time 2 min19:41
Distance119812 km
Travel time3 day 5 h 56 min
Zlatoust20:48Stopping time 2 min20:50
Distance123791 km
Travel time3 day 7 h 3 min
Berdyaush21:51Stopping time 1 min21:52
Distance127804 km
Travel time3 day 8 h 4 min
Suleya22:22Stopping time 1 min22:23
Distance131833 km
Travel time3 day 8 h 34 min
Vyazovaya23:13Stopping time 5 min23:18
Distance135904 km
Travel time3 day 9 h 24 min
Ust-Katav23:36Stopping time 5 min23:41
Distance139983 km
Travel time3 day 9 h 42 min
Kropachevo00:09Stopping time 24 min00:33
Distance144069 km
Travel time3 day 10 h 10 min
Ufa03:29Stopping time 49 min04:18
Distance148283 km
Travel time3 day 13 h 6 min
Shafranovo06:51Stopping time 1 min06:52
Distance152606 km
Travel time3 day 15 h 39 min
Aksakovo07:38Stopping time 2 min07:40
Distance156962 km
Travel time3 day 16 h 25 min
Abdulino08:25Stopping time 24 min08:49
Distance161366 km
Travel time3 day 17 h 10 min
Buguruslan10:02Stopping time 2 min10:04
Distance165842 km
Travel time3 day 18 h 23 min
Novootradnaya11:22Stopping time 2 min11:24
Distance170393 km
Travel time3 day 19 h 41 min
Kinel12:10Stopping time 2 min12:12
Distance174992 km
Travel time3 day 20 h 27 min
Samara12:50Stopping time 59 min13:49
Distance179622 km
Travel time3 day 21 h 5 min
Siezran16:27Stopping time 5 min16:32
Distance184343 km
Travel time3 day 23 h 43 min
Kuznetsk18:17Stopping time 5 min18:22
Distance189171 km
Travel time4 day 1 h 28 min
Penza20:15Stopping time 43 min20:58
Distance194079 km
Travel time4 day 3 h 21 min
Serdobsk23:06Stopping time 2 min23:08
Distance199080 km
Travel time4 day 5 h 29 min
Rtishchevo00:01Stopping time 10 min00:11
Distance204117 km
Travel time4 day 6 h 22 min
Arkadak00:59Stopping time 2 min01:01
Distance209191 km
Travel time4 day 7 h 10 min
Balashov01:47Stopping time 23 min02:10
Distance214312 km
Travel time4 day 7 h 56 min
Povorino04:02Stopping time 15 min04:17
Distance219505 km
Travel time4 day 9 h 48 min
Novohopersk05:08Stopping time 2 min05:10
Distance224743 km
Travel time4 day 10 h 39 min
Talovaya06:09Stopping time 2 min06:11
Distance230024 km
Travel time4 day 11 h 38 min
Bobrov06:55Stopping time 2 min06:57
Distance235342 km
Travel time4 day 12 h 22 min
Liski08:00Stopping time 16 min08:16
Distance240699 km
Travel time4 day 13 h 25 min
Rossosh10:20Stopping time 38 min10:58
Distance246108 km
Travel time4 day 15 h 29 min
Zaytsevka12:09Stopping time 2 min12:11
Distance251527 km
Travel time4 day 16 h 40 min
Kuteynikovo12:54Stopping time 2 min12:56
Distance256947 km
Travel time4 day 17 h 23 min
Millerovo13:50Stopping time 2 min13:52
Distance262405 km
Travel time4 day 18 h 17 min
Kamenskaya14:50Stopping time 2 min14:52
Distance267914 km
Travel time4 day 19 h 15 min
Lihai15:15Stopping time 14 min15:29
Distance273439 km
Travel time4 day 19 h 38 min
Zverevo16:00Stopping time 2 min16:02
Distance278978 km
Travel time4 day 20 h 9 min
Sulin16:29Stopping time 2 min16:31
Distance284529 km
Travel time4 day 20 h 36 min
Shahtnaya17:08Stopping time 2 min17:10
Distance290086 km
Travel time4 day 21 h 13 min
Novocherkassk18:22Stopping time 2 min18:24
Distance295671 km
Travel time4 day 22 h 25 min
Rostov19:22Stopping time 29 min19:51
Distance301294 km
Travel time4 day 23 h 23 min
Kushchevka21:00Stopping time 3 min21:03
Distance306972 km
Travel time5 day 32 min
Tihoretskaya22:20Stopping time 3 min22:23
Distance312675 km
Travel time5 day 1 h 49 min
Kavkazskaya23:32Stopping time 18 min23:50
Distance318383 km
Travel time5 day 2 h 58 min
Armavir01:05Stopping time 3 min01:08
Distance324093 km
Travel time5 day 4 h 13 min
Nevinnomyssk02:10Stopping time 5 min02:15
Distance329783 km
Travel time5 day 5 h 15 min
Mineralniye Vodi03:32Stopping time 42 min04:14
Distance335436 km
Travel time5 day 6 h 32 min
Pyatigorsk04:46Stopping time 5 min04:51
Distance341108 km
Travel time5 day 7 h 4 min
Essentuki05:10Stopping time 5 min05:15
Distance346791 km
Travel time5 day 7 h 23 min
KislovodskStation Kislovodsk
05:44Sat, 09 Nov
Stopping time 0 min
Distance352493 km
Travel time5 day 7 h 52 min

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