RZD Bonus will be more generous in 2015


Starting on January 1, 2015, passengers participating in the RZD Bonus loyalty program are offered even more generous conditions.

First, the cost of the bonus ticket is lowered in terms of points by almost 2 times. Now the cost of the bonus trip begins at 4,000 points. The service fee for issuing the ticket that originally amounted to 1% of the train ride cost, will not be levied any more. Now you can get your ticket without any additional charges.

Secondly, it is now easier to become a "gold member" of the program. Now for this purpose you will only have to accumulate 35,000 points instead of 50,000, that you saved up for the "gold" level earlier.

Thirdly, age restrictions have been canceled. Any passenger, even a small child, can become a participant of the RZD Bonus program.

Start to accumulate your points right now!

Also in 2015, RZD will launch a new corporate loyalty program for organizations with offices in Moscow and in the regions of Russia. According to its conditions, legal entities will be able to open a consolidated corporate account with company employees' personal accounts attached to it. The points for all their trips will accumulate in the aggregate point bank, making it possible to issue premium tickets for any registered employee by using the one corporate account.