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UFS.Travel is an online travel service. We have been making traveling easy since 2003. On UFS.Travel you can buy train, aeroexpress and air tickets, and even book hotels. We also provide all the latest international news about air and train transport, and explain carriage rules and rates. UFS.Travel has one million visitors every month. Why people choose us:

Reliable carriers
When you buy a ticket from us, you are buying directly from the RZD system. You can view the train rating and read reviews before buying. We offer discounts, and you can collect points on your RZD-Bonus card.
Fast online booking
You can get everything on our website: buy train or air tickets, insurance, or book a hotel. You can complete electronic registration when you buy train tickets. If you do this, then you just have to show the train attendant your passport and boarding coupon.
Online refund
You do not have to go to the station to get a refund for your e-ticket. If you go to your personal account on UFS.Travel or in the Train Tickets app, you can get a refund for your full order, or for any individual e-ticket in your order.
24/7 support
Our support center works 24/7. You can get advice before and after buying. Our experts will answer all your questions by phone or email.
Questions and answers
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If electronic registration is not available for the route or you did not register online, you will need your ticket and your passport, or another document that you specified when buying the ticket, to board the train.

If you registered online, show the ticket on the screen of your phone (or the printed ticket) and your passport, or another document that you specified when buying the ticket.

For children, you will need their birth certificate and ticket.

You can buy an e-ticket on our website in just a few simple steps:

Enter your destination, date of your trip, and the number of passengers. We will show you information on available trains, ticket availability and prices.

These are the same tickets that vendors see on their monitors in the booking offices at the station.

Select a train and a seat/berth location.

Enter your personal details.

Pay for the ticket using a convenient payment method.

You will receive a check coupon immediately after payment. This confirms that you have purchased the seat.

go to the website;

go to the My Orders tab or your Personal Account;

click the "return ticket" button

specify the number of tickets you want to return

click "check the refund amount";

The refund amount will be displayed on the screen, and you just need to click "Confirm ticket refund"


You will receive a confirmation email if the refund was successful.

If there is only one wrong letter and/or number, you can board the train without changing anything. If there is a mistake in your date of birth, and it does not affect the ticket price (it was not issued at the child fare), you do not have to correct it.


If there are more mistakes, you will need to get a new ticket. You can do this at ticket office; the service costs RUB 236.40. According to the rules, details can be changed only on a Federal Passenger Company (FPC) ticket. In practice, it is also possible for other carriers.

You can also return the old ticket and buy a new one.

Select the route and travel date

Enter the number of passengers

Select a flight

Enter the passengers' personal details

Confirm and pay for your order


The tickets will be issued within 20 minutes after payment and will be sent to you by email.

We accept bank cards from international payment systems Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and from the Russian payment system Mir.


Upon payment you will need to provide:

bank card number;

expiry date;

the card holder's first and last name;

CVV2 / CVC2 code.

Then confirm payment.

After successful payment, payment confirmation and the e-ticket itinerary will be sent to your email address and mobile phone.

An e-ticket is an entry in the airline's database. After you have paid for your ticket, you will receive a receipt with the ticket number confirming that the e-ticket has been issued.

To return an air ticket purchased through the UFS.Travel website, go to "My order" and send a refund application. To do this, select the refund type for your order, "full" or "partial", and enter the reason: "involuntary" or "voluntary" refund. Then click "confirm refund".

 Or can send us an email:

To get on the train you can show either the printed ticket or the e-ticket on your smartphone.

It is very easy to buy a ticket on our website:

Enter the number of passengers

Select the rate and date (the ticket is valid for any route, but for the Business rate you must select a route)

Enter the passengers' details

Check your order and pay with a bank card.

The tickets will be emailed to you after payment

If you do not receive your tickets, please contact us at

You can return a ticket in the "My order" service. Standard class tickets can be returned by 23:59 of the day before the date of travel; business class tickets can be returned 3 hours before the departure time specified in the ticket.


Do not forget that tickets issued as a part of one order cannot be returned separately.

If you are connecting for the first time:

Select MT_FREE in the list of available Wi-Fi networks

Enter the following address into your browser's address bar:

Enter your telephone number

Press "Connect to the Internet"


If you are already registered:

Enter the following address into your browser's address bar:

Press "Connect to the Internet"

Выберите вкладку “Автобус”, затем укажите маршрут и дату. Система покажет возможные варианты рейсов на выбранную дату.
Выберите подходящий рейс.
Выберите место.
Заполните данные пассажиров.
Оплатите заказ.

Мы принимаем к оплате банковские карты международных платежных систем Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, национальной платежной системы «Мир».

При оплате нужно будет указать:
• номер карты;
• срок действия;
• имя и фамилия владельца;
• CVV2 / CVC2 код.
И затем подтвердить оплату.
После успешной оплаты на почту и мобильный телефон придет подтверждение оплаты и маршрут-квитанция электронного билета.

Зайдите на сайт и перейдите на вкладку «Мой заказ».
Нажмите на кнопку «Оформить возврат».
Выберите количество билетов, которое хотите вернуть.
Нажмите на кнопку «Вернуть билет».

Если возврат прошел успешно, то на почту придет письмо с подтверждением.

Для посадки на автобус, следующий по междугороднему маршруту, вам нужен билет (маршрутная квитанция), его можно показать на электронном носителе, и паспорт.

Для межрегиональных/международных рейсов: оригинал документа, удостоверяющего личность (для детей до 14 лет — оригинал свидетельства о рождении), по которому был куплен билет, и обязательно распечатанная маршрутная квитанция.