Traveling by train abroad for a 35% discount


Tickets for FPC international railway routes are now sold at a 35% discount for all types of train cars. It compensates for the fare rise due to the Euro's appreciation against the ruble.

You can buy the tickets with discounts for the following trains:

  • No. 17/18 Moscow - Nice;
  • No. 23/24 Moscow - Paris;
  • No. 21/22 Moscow - Prague

The discount also applies to the following through-passenger cars in the same train:

  • Moscow - Karlovy Vary - Heb;
  • Moscow - Vienna;
  • Moscow - Budapest;
  • St. Petersburg - Prague;
  • St. Petersburg - Vienna

When ordering the ticket, its cost is already displayed with a discount.

The discount does not only apply to the trailing cars, which are included in the aforementioned trains and which are used for the railroad service between Russia and Belarus.