Личный кабинет (zh)

A double-deck carriage train traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg will appear in February


As of February 2015, a new named double-deck car train No. 5/6 will start making trips between Moscow and St. Petersburg. It will depart daily at 10:50 pm. The first trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow will take place on February 1, and from Moscow to St. Petersburg on February 2.

Each train will contain 13 cars, all of them being compartment train cars. The train contains also some compartments, which is equipped for handicapped passengers. When leaving St. Petersburg, the numbering of the train coaches begins from the head coach of the train; from Moscow, from the tail coach.

The train is included in the system of dynamic pricing. So, when planning a trip in advance, you can buy ticket at a much lower price.

Ticket sales have already started. On the first days of sales, the fare for the double-deck coach train will start from 1299 rubles.