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Train timetable Murmansk Uda

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MurmanskMoscow (Leningradskiy Station)
MurmanskMoscow (Leningradskiy Station)
12 h 35 min
с 08.12.2019 on 29.12.2019 ежедневно; с 01.01.2020 daily


MurmanskMoscow (Leningradskiy Station)
MurmanskMoscow (Leningradskiy Station)
14 h 39 min
с 08.12.2019 on 16.04.2020 Tue Thu Fri Sat вс; с 09.08.2020 on 31.08.2020 неч

Murmansk - Uda train timetable

On our website you can view the Murmansk – Uda train timetable and buy round trip tickets.

Below you will find all the information on prices, car types and availability of seats on the selected route.

Ticket prices for the Murmansk - Uda train

Train ticket prices depend on three main factors: date of purchase, train type and car type.

  • Remember that the earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper they will be
  • Usually tickets for brand high-speed trains (АРКТИКА) and RZD premium service trains are more expensive
  • Seats in 2-person sleeper cars and 4-person sleeper compartments are the most expensive, while tickets for economy class cars with no confirmed berth are the cheapest

How to buy a train ticket

It is very easy to buy an e-ticket for the Murmansk – Uda train on our website:

  • Select the route and date
  • Select a train
  • Select the number of passengers
  • Enter your personal details
  • Select a payment method
  • Confirm the order, and the e-tickets will be emailed to you

If you have an e-ticket, just show your passport (identity document) to the train attendant when boarding.

Please note: to buy return tickets, follow the same steps, just change the date and select the return train

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