Timetable of train 001Э Vladivostok - Moscow

Carrier: ФПК

Train rating:

from5 178R
StationArrivalStopping timeDepartureDistanceTravel time
Stopping time 0 min
17:33Sat, 31 Oct
Travel time 0 min
Ugolnaya18:13Stopping time 5 min18:18
Distance26 km
Travel time 40 min
Ussuriysk19:33Stopping time 22 min19:55
Distance82 km
Travel time1 h 55 min
Ozernaya Pad20:29Stopping time 2 min20:31
Distance111 km
Travel time2 h 29 min
Sibirtsevo21:04Stopping time 3 min21:07
Distance140 km
Travel time3 h 2 min
Muchnaya21:27Stopping time 2 min21:29
Distance157 km
Travel time3 h 22 min
Spassk-Dalniy22:07Stopping time 3 min22:10
Distance194 km
Travel time4 h 0 min
Shmakovka23:09Stopping time 2 min23:11
Distance263 km
Travel time4 h 59 min
Ruzhino23:55Stopping time 15 min00:10
Distance305 km
Travel time5 h 43 min
Prohasko00:28Stopping time 1 min00:29
Distance322 km
Travel time6 h 1 min
Grushevoe00:46Stopping time 1 min00:47
Distance344 km
Travel time6 h 18 min
Lazo00:56Stopping time 1 min00:57
Distance351 km
Travel time6 h 27 min
Dalnerechensk01:11Stopping time 5 min01:16
Distance360 km
Travel time6 h 41 min
Guberovo01:47Stopping time 2 min01:49
Distance394 km
Travel time7 h 12 min
Luchegorsk02:16Stopping time 3 min02:19
Distance429 km
Travel time7 h 39 min
Bikin02:58Stopping time 4 min03:02
Distance467 km
Travel time8 h 18 min
Vyazemskaya04:33Stopping time 15 min04:48
Distance555 km
Travel time9 h 49 min
Verino05:38Stopping time 1 min05:39
Distance609 km
Travel time10 h 39 min
Habarovsk06:46Stopping time1 h 10 min07:56
Distance667 km
Travel time11 h 46 min
In09:19Stopping time 1 min09:20
Distance760 km
Travel time13 h 9 min
Birobidzhan10:16Stopping time 7 min10:23
Distance828 km
Travel time14 h 5 min
Bira11:02Stopping time 2 min11:04
Distance870 km
Travel time14 h 44 min
Izvestkoviey Zavod11:45Stopping time 1 min11:46
Distance908 km
Travel time15 h 25 min
Teploe Ozero11:55Stopping time 1 min11:56
Distance913 km
Travel time15 h 34 min
Birakan12:11Stopping time 1 min12:12
Distance925 km
Travel time15 h 49 min
Izvestkovaya12:27Stopping time 1 min12:28
Distance937 km
Travel time16 h 4 min
Obluche13:23Stopping time 15 min13:38
Distance973 km
Travel time16 h 59 min
Kundur-Habarovskiy14:20Stopping time 1 min14:21
Distance998 km
Travel time17 h 41 min
Arhara15:33Stopping time 2 min15:35
Distance1058 km
Travel time18 h 53 min
Bureya16:28Stopping time 5 min16:33
Distance1105 km
Travel time19 h 46 min
Zavitaya17:13Stopping time 2 min17:15
Distance1148 km
Travel time20 h 26 min
Ekaterinoslavka17:55Stopping time 2 min17:57
Distance1186 km
Travel time21 h 6 min
Belogorsk19:17Stopping time 37 min19:54
Distance1262 km
Travel time22 h 26 min
Svobodniey20:42Stopping time 5 min20:47
Distance1319 km
Travel time23 h 14 min
Ledyanaya21:22Stopping time 1 min21:23
Distance1359 km
Travel time23 h 49 min
Shimanovskaya22:04Stopping time 2 min22:06
Distance1398 km
Travel time1 day 30 min
Ushumun23:42Stopping time 2 min23:44
Distance1515 km
Travel time1 day 2 h 6 min
Tiegda00:20Stopping time 3 min00:23
Distance1554 km
Travel time1 day 2 h 42 min
Magdagachi01:23Stopping time 15 min01:38
Distance1605 km
Travel time1 day 3 h 42 min
Taldan03:10Stopping time 1 min03:11
Distance1675 km
Travel time1 day 5 h 14 min
Skovorodino04:43Stopping time 4 min04:47
Distance1742 km
Travel time1 day 6 h 46 min
Urusha06:30Stopping time 2 min06:32
Distance1811 km
Travel time1 day 8 h 29 min
Erofey Pavlovich08:17Stopping time 21 min08:38
Distance1873 km
Travel time1 day 10 h 14 min
Amazar10:26Stopping time 18 min10:44
Distance1944 km
Travel time1 day 12 h 2 min
Mogocha12:19Stopping time 15 min12:34
Distance2018 km
Travel time1 day 13 h 37 min
Ksenevskaya14:42Stopping time 2 min14:44
Distance2090 km
Travel time1 day 15 h 45 min
Sbega15:35Stopping time 1 min15:36
Distance2121 km
Travel time1 day 16 h 36 min
Zilovo17:06Stopping time 2 min17:08
Distance2193 km
Travel time1 day 18 h 6 min
Chernieshevsk-Zabaykalsk18:38Stopping time 30 min19:08
Distance2262 km
Travel time1 day 19 h 36 min
Kueinga20:15Stopping time 2 min20:17
Distance2312 km
Travel time1 day 20 h 43 min
Priiskovaya20:56Stopping time 2 min20:58
Distance2346 km
Travel time1 day 21 h 22 min
Shilka-Pass.21:43Stopping time 2 min21:45
Distance2386 km
Travel time1 day 22 h 7 min
Solntsevaya22:25Stopping time 2 min22:27
Distance2414 km
Travel time1 day 22 h 47 min
Kariemskaya00:31Stopping time 18 min00:49
Distance2507 km
Travel time2 day 51 min
Chita02:42Stopping time 36 min03:18
Distance2581 km
Travel time2 day 2 h 44 min
Haragun07:05Stopping time 2 min07:07
Distance2749 km
Travel time2 day 6 h 31 min
Hushenga07:27Stopping time 2 min07:29
Distance2770 km
Travel time2 day 6 h 51 min
Hilok08:06Stopping time 15 min08:21
Distance2804 km
Travel time2 day 7 h 28 min
Bada09:19Stopping time 2 min09:21
Distance2845 km
Travel time2 day 8 h 26 min
Petrovskiy Zavod11:14Stopping time 2 min11:16
Distance2916 km
Travel time2 day 10 h 19 min
Gorhon12:01Stopping time 2 min12:03
Distance2947 km
Travel time2 day 11 h 4 min
Zaigraevo12:49Stopping time 2 min12:51
Distance2994 km
Travel time2 day 11 h 50 min
Zaudinskiy13:31Stopping time 1 min13:32
Distance3035 km
Travel time2 day 12 h 30 min
Ulan-Udei13:47Stopping time 27 min14:14
Distance3042 km
Travel time2 day 12 h 45 min
Selenga15:23Stopping time 2 min15:25
Distance3095 km
Travel time2 day 13 h 54 min
Timlyuy15:42Stopping time 2 min15:44
Distance3113 km
Travel time2 day 14 h 11 min
Miesovaya16:44Stopping time 2 min16:46
Distance3174 km
Travel time2 day 15 h 11 min
Baykalsk18:46Stopping time 2 min18:48
Distance3290 km
Travel time2 day 17 h 11 min
Slyudyanka19:34Stopping time 2 min19:36
Distance3329 km
Travel time2 day 17 h 57 min
Irkutsk22:06Stopping time 40 min22:46
Distance3408 km
Travel time2 day 20 h 27 min
Irkutsk23:00Stopping time 2 min23:02
Distance3415 km
Travel time2 day 20 h 41 min
Angarsk23:39Stopping time 3 min23:42
Distance3446 km
Travel time2 day 21 h 18 min
Usole-Sibirskoe00:06Stopping time 2 min00:08
Distance3473 km
Travel time2 day 21 h 42 min
Cheremhovo01:03Stopping time 2 min01:05
Distance3533 km
Travel time2 day 22 h 37 min
Zalari01:59Stopping time 2 min02:01
Distance3593 km
Travel time2 day 23 h 31 min
Tieret02:20Stopping time 1 min02:21
Distance3611 km
Travel time2 day 23 h 50 min
Zima02:57Stopping time 30 min03:27
Distance3644 km
Travel time3 day 26 min
Kuytun04:24Stopping time 1 min04:25
Distance3701 km
Travel time3 day 1 h 23 min
Tulun05:29Stopping time 2 min05:31
Distance3770 km
Travel time3 day 2 h 27 min
Nizhneudinsk07:08Stopping time 13 min07:21
Distance3872 km
Travel time3 day 4 h 4 min
Tayshet09:54Stopping time 3 min09:57
Distance4005 km
Travel time3 day 6 h 37 min
Yurtie10:22Stopping time 2 min10:24
Distance4030 km
Travel time3 day 7 h 2 min
Reshotie10:57Stopping time 1 min10:58
Distance4060 km
Travel time3 day 7 h 35 min
Ingashskaya11:40Stopping time 1 min11:41
Distance4103 km
Travel time3 day 8 h 17 min
Ilanskaya12:11Stopping time 22 min12:33
Distance4131 km
Travel time3 day 8 h 47 min
Kansk-Eniseyskiy13:03Stopping time 2 min13:05
Distance4154 km
Travel time3 day 9 h 17 min
Zaozernaya14:11Stopping time 1 min14:12
Distance4222 km
Travel time3 day 10 h 23 min
Uyar14:48Stopping time 1 min14:49
Distance4251 km
Travel time3 day 10 h 59 min
Krasnoyarsk16:49Stopping time 30 min17:19
Distance4347 km
Travel time3 day 12 h 59 min
Achinsk20:26Stopping time 2 min20:28
Distance4494 km
Travel time3 day 16 h 6 min
Bogotol21:27Stopping time 2 min21:29
Distance4556 km
Travel time3 day 17 h 5 min
Tyazhin22:28Stopping time 2 min22:30
Distance4619 km
Travel time3 day 18 h 4 min
Mariinsk23:18Stopping time 27 min23:45
Distance4669 km
Travel time3 day 18 h 52 min
Anzherskaya01:21Stopping time 2 min01:23
Distance4775 km
Travel time3 day 20 h 28 min
Tayga01:50Stopping time 2 min01:52
Distance4801 km
Travel time3 day 20 h 55 min
Yurga02:55Stopping time 2 min02:57
Distance4864 km
Travel time3 day 21 h 58 min
Bolotnaya03:28Stopping time 2 min03:30
Distance4893 km
Travel time3 day 22 h 29 min
Moshkovo04:34Stopping time 2 min04:36
Distance4957 km
Travel time3 day 23 h 33 min
Novosibirsk05:31Stopping time1 h 0 min06:31
Distance5012 km
Travel time4 day 28 min
Barabinsk10:01Stopping time 30 min10:31
Distance5303 km
Travel time4 day 3 h 58 min
Ozero-Karachinskoe11:28Stopping time 2 min11:30
Distance5392 km
Travel time4 day 4 h 55 min
Chanie11:43Stopping time 2 min11:45
Distance5404 km
Travel time4 day 5 h 8 min
Tatarskaya12:19Stopping time 2 min12:21
Distance5456 km
Travel time4 day 5 h 42 min
Omsk14:15Stopping time 30 min14:45
Distance5623 km
Travel time4 day 7 h 36 min
Nazievaevskaya16:15Stopping time 2 min16:17
Distance5770 km
Travel time4 day 9 h 6 min
Ishim17:52Stopping time 15 min18:07
Distance5900 km
Travel time4 day 10 h 41 min
Zavodoukovskaya20:29Stopping time 2 min20:31
Distance6089 km
Travel time4 day 13 h 3 min
Yalutorovsk20:50Stopping time 2 min20:52
Distance6111 km
Travel time4 day 13 h 22 min
Tyumen21:46Stopping time 20 min22:06
Distance6183 km
Travel time4 day 14 h 16 min
Ekaterinburg03:04Stopping time 28 min03:32
Distance6483 km
Travel time4 day 19 h 14 min
Kungur07:57Stopping time 2 min07:59
Distance6709 km
Travel time4 day 23 h 39 min
Perm09:20Stopping time 23 min09:43
Distance6790 km
Travel time5 day 1 h 0 min
Vereshchagino11:41Stopping time 2 min11:43
Distance6880 km
Travel time5 day 2 h 58 min
Balezino13:28Stopping time 26 min13:54
Distance6978 km
Travel time5 day 4 h 43 min
Glazov14:19Stopping time 2 min14:21
Distance7004 km
Travel time5 day 5 h 8 min
Kirov17:10Stopping time 40 min17:50
Distance7187 km
Travel time5 day 7 h 57 min
Kotelnich18:57Stopping time 2 min18:59
Distance7269 km
Travel time5 day 9 h 4 min
Svecha19:53Stopping time 1 min19:54
Distance7318 km
Travel time5 day 9 h 58 min
Shabalino20:16Stopping time 1 min20:17
Distance7342 km
Travel time5 day 10 h 20 min
Gostovskaya20:36Stopping time 1 min20:37
Distance7367 km
Travel time5 day 10 h 39 min
Suprotivniey20:50Stopping time 1 min20:51
Distance7380 km
Travel time5 day 10 h 52 min
Ponazierevo21:00Stopping time 1 min21:01
Distance7389 km
Travel time5 day 11 h 1 min
Yakshanga21:21Stopping time 1 min21:22
Distance7412 km
Travel time5 day 11 h 21 min
Sharya21:41Stopping time 14 min21:55
Distance7435 km
Travel time5 day 11 h 40 min
Manturovo22:44Stopping time 1 min22:45
Distance7480 km
Travel time5 day 12 h 29 min
Brantovka23:05Stopping time 1 min23:06
Distance7505 km
Travel time5 day 12 h 49 min
Neya23:30Stopping time 1 min23:31
Distance7532 km
Travel time5 day 13 h 13 min
Nikolo-Poloma00:06Stopping time 1 min00:07
Distance7560 km
Travel time5 day 13 h 48 min
Antropovo00:28Stopping time 1 min00:29
Distance7584 km
Travel time5 day 14 h 9 min
Galich01:02Stopping time 31 min01:33
Distance7623 km
Travel time5 day 14 h 42 min
Sudislavl02:54Stopping time 2 min02:56
Distance7686 km
Travel time5 day 16 h 3 min
Kostroma Novaya03:47Stopping time 45 min04:32
Distance7731 km
Travel time5 day 16 h 54 min
Nerehta05:20Stopping time 13 min05:33
Distance7773 km
Travel time5 day 17 h 42 min
Yaroslavl Pass06:35Stopping time 9 min06:44
Distance7816 km
Travel time5 day 18 h 44 min
Rostov-Yaroslavskiy07:55Stopping time 1 min07:56
Distance7869 km
Travel time5 day 19 h 55 min
11:13Sat, 07 Nov
Stopping time 0 min
Distance8060 km
Travel time5 day 23 h 12 min

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