Личный кабинет (en)

Timetable of train 002Э Moscow - Vladivostok

Carrier: ФПК

Train rating:

from5 095R
StationArrivalStopping timeDepartureDistanceTravel time
Stopping time 0 min
00:35Sun, 18 Apr
Travel time 0 min
Aleksandrov02:16Stopping time 2 min02:18
Distance95 km
Travel time1 h 41 min
Rostov-Yaroslavskiy03:47Stopping time 2 min03:49
Distance194 km
Travel time3 h 10 min
Yaroslavl Pass04:38Stopping time 3 min04:41
Distance247 km
Travel time3 h 59 min
Nerehta05:31Stopping time 5 min05:36
Distance290 km
Travel time4 h 49 min
Kostroma Novaya06:30Stopping time 53 min07:23
Distance332 km
Travel time5 h 43 min
Sudislavl08:23Stopping time 2 min08:25
Distance377 km
Travel time6 h 43 min
Galich09:45Stopping time 40 min10:25
Distance440 km
Travel time8 h 3 min
Antropovo11:03Stopping time 1 min11:04
Distance479 km
Travel time8 h 41 min
Nikolo-Poloma11:26Stopping time 1 min11:27
Distance503 km
Travel time9 h 3 min
Nomzha11:40Stopping time 1 min11:41
Distance514 km
Travel time9 h 16 min
Neya11:58Stopping time 1 min11:59
Distance531 km
Travel time9 h 33 min
Brantovka12:21Stopping time 1 min12:22
Distance558 km
Travel time9 h 55 min
Manturovo12:45Stopping time 2 min12:47
Distance583 km
Travel time10 h 18 min
Sharya13:35Stopping time 15 min13:50
Distance628 km
Travel time11 h 6 min
Yakshanga14:15Stopping time 1 min14:16
Distance651 km
Travel time11 h 31 min
Ponazierevo14:37Stopping time 1 min14:38
Distance674 km
Travel time11 h 52 min
Suprotivniey14:49Stopping time 1 min14:50
Distance683 km
Travel time12 h 3 min
Gostovskaya15:06Stopping time 1 min15:07
Distance696 km
Travel time12 h 19 min
Shabalino15:35Stopping time 2 min15:37
Distance721 km
Travel time12 h 47 min
Svecha15:57Stopping time 2 min15:59
Distance745 km
Travel time13 h 7 min
Kotelnich16:49Stopping time 2 min16:51
Distance794 km
Travel time13 h 57 min
Kirov18:12Stopping time 25 min18:37
Distance876 km
Travel time15 h 18 min
Glazov22:02Stopping time 2 min22:04
Distance1059 km
Travel time18 h 43 min
Balezino22:35Stopping time 28 min23:03
Distance1085 km
Travel time19 h 14 min
Vereshchagino01:09Stopping time 2 min01:11
Distance1183 km
Travel time21 h 20 min
Perm03:11Stopping time 49 min04:00
Distance1273 km
Travel time23 h 20 min
Kungur05:37Stopping time 2 min05:39
Distance1354 km
Travel time1 day 57 min
Ekaterinburg09:18Stopping time 49 min10:07
Distance1580 km
Travel time1 day 4 h 36 min
Tyumen15:13Stopping time 20 min15:33
Distance1880 km
Travel time1 day 9 h 42 min
Yalutorovsk16:47Stopping time 2 min16:49
Distance1952 km
Travel time1 day 10 h 56 min
Zavodoukovskaya17:11Stopping time 2 min17:13
Distance1974 km
Travel time1 day 11 h 18 min
Ishim19:44Stopping time 15 min19:59
Distance2163 km
Travel time1 day 13 h 49 min
Maslyanskaya20:39Stopping time 2 min20:41
Distance2207 km
Travel time1 day 14 h 29 min
Nazievaevskaya21:45Stopping time 2 min21:47
Distance2293 km
Travel time1 day 15 h 33 min
Omsk23:16Stopping time 16 min23:32
Distance2440 km
Travel time1 day 17 h 2 min
Tatarskaya01:23Stopping time 2 min01:25
Distance2607 km
Travel time1 day 18 h 53 min
Chanie01:58Stopping time 2 min02:00
Distance2659 km
Travel time1 day 19 h 26 min
Ozero-Karachinskoe02:12Stopping time 5 min02:17
Distance2671 km
Travel time1 day 19 h 38 min
Barabinsk03:20Stopping time 30 min03:50
Distance2760 km
Travel time1 day 20 h 41 min
Kargat05:19Stopping time 2 min05:21
Distance2884 km
Travel time1 day 22 h 10 min
Ob07:28Stopping time 2 min07:30
Distance3041 km
Travel time2 day 17 min
Novosibirsk07:55Stopping time 58 min08:53
Distance3053 km
Travel time2 day 42 min
Moshkovo09:50Stopping time 2 min09:52
Distance3108 km
Travel time2 day 1 h 39 min
Bolotnaya10:58Stopping time 2 min11:00
Distance3172 km
Travel time2 day 2 h 45 min
Yurga11:59Stopping time 5 min12:04
Distance3201 km
Travel time2 day 3 h 44 min
Tayga13:03Stopping time 5 min13:08
Distance3264 km
Travel time2 day 4 h 43 min
Anzherskaya13:34Stopping time 2 min13:36
Distance3290 km
Travel time2 day 5 h 9 min
Mariinsk15:06Stopping time1 h 15 min16:21
Distance3396 km
Travel time2 day 6 h 39 min
Tyazhin17:08Stopping time 2 min17:10
Distance3446 km
Travel time2 day 7 h 26 min
Bogotol18:06Stopping time 2 min18:08
Distance3509 km
Travel time2 day 8 h 22 min
Achinsk19:03Stopping time 2 min19:05
Distance3571 km
Travel time2 day 9 h 17 min
Krasnoyarsk21:44Stopping time 34 min22:18
Distance3718 km
Travel time2 day 11 h 56 min
Uyar00:16Stopping time 2 min00:18
Distance3814 km
Travel time2 day 13 h 54 min
Zaozernaya00:54Stopping time 1 min00:55
Distance3843 km
Travel time2 day 14 h 30 min
Kansk-Eniseyskiy01:56Stopping time 2 min01:58
Distance3911 km
Travel time2 day 15 h 31 min
Ilanskaya02:29Stopping time 17 min02:46
Distance3934 km
Travel time2 day 16 h 2 min
Ingashskaya03:12Stopping time 1 min03:13
Distance3962 km
Travel time2 day 16 h 28 min
Reshotie03:52Stopping time 1 min03:53
Distance4005 km
Travel time2 day 17 h 7 min
Yurtie04:28Stopping time 2 min04:30
Distance4035 km
Travel time2 day 17 h 42 min
Tayshet04:57Stopping time 3 min05:00
Distance4060 km
Travel time2 day 18 h 9 min
Nizhneudinsk07:36Stopping time 13 min07:49
Distance4193 km
Travel time2 day 20 h 45 min
Tulun09:19Stopping time 2 min09:21
Distance4295 km
Travel time2 day 22 h 15 min
Kuytun10:29Stopping time 2 min10:31
Distance4364 km
Travel time2 day 23 h 23 min
Zima11:24Stopping time 22 min11:46
Distance4421 km
Travel time3 day 16 min
Zalari12:44Stopping time 2 min12:46
Distance4471 km
Travel time3 day 1 h 14 min
Cheremhovo14:28Stopping time 4 min14:32
Distance4531 km
Travel time3 day 2 h 56 min
Usole-Sibirskoe15:21Stopping time 2 min15:23
Distance4591 km
Travel time3 day 3 h 45 min
Angarsk15:46Stopping time 3 min15:49
Distance4618 km
Travel time3 day 4 h 8 min
Irkutsk16:20Stopping time 2 min16:22
Distance4649 km
Travel time3 day 4 h 39 min
Irkutsk16:37Stopping time 45 min17:22
Distance4656 km
Travel time3 day 4 h 54 min
Slyudyanka19:25Stopping time 20 min19:45
Distance4735 km
Travel time3 day 6 h 57 min
Baykalsk20:29Stopping time 2 min20:31
Distance4774 km
Travel time3 day 7 h 41 min
Miesovaya22:11Stopping time 2 min22:13
Distance4890 km
Travel time3 day 9 h 21 min
Timlyuy23:10Stopping time 2 min23:12
Distance4951 km
Travel time3 day 10 h 18 min
Selenga23:29Stopping time 2 min23:31
Distance4969 km
Travel time3 day 10 h 35 min
Ulan-Udei00:42Stopping time 30 min01:12
Distance5022 km
Travel time3 day 11 h 46 min
Zaudinskiy01:29Stopping time 1 min01:30
Distance5029 km
Travel time3 day 12 h 3 min
Zaigraevo02:12Stopping time 2 min02:14
Distance5070 km
Travel time3 day 12 h 45 min
Gorhon03:00Stopping time 2 min03:02
Distance5117 km
Travel time3 day 13 h 31 min
Petrovskiy Zavod03:36Stopping time 2 min03:38
Distance5148 km
Travel time3 day 14 h 5 min
Bada05:21Stopping time 2 min05:23
Distance5219 km
Travel time3 day 15 h 48 min
Hilok06:20Stopping time 21 min06:41
Distance5260 km
Travel time3 day 16 h 45 min
Hushenga07:21Stopping time 2 min07:23
Distance5294 km
Travel time3 day 17 h 25 min
Haragun07:44Stopping time 2 min07:46
Distance5315 km
Travel time3 day 17 h 46 min
Chita11:31Stopping time 40 min12:11
Distance5483 km
Travel time3 day 21 h 31 min
Kariemskaya14:21Stopping time 18 min14:39
Distance5557 km
Travel time3 day 23 h 41 min
Solntsevaya16:36Stopping time 2 min16:38
Distance5650 km
Travel time4 day 1 h 38 min
Shilka-Pass.17:17Stopping time 2 min17:19
Distance5678 km
Travel time4 day 2 h 17 min
Priiskovaya18:04Stopping time 2 min18:06
Distance5718 km
Travel time4 day 3 h 2 min
Kueinga18:44Stopping time 2 min18:46
Distance5752 km
Travel time4 day 3 h 40 min
Chernieshevsk-Zabaykalsk19:52Stopping time 30 min20:22
Distance5802 km
Travel time4 day 4 h 46 min
Zilovo22:00Stopping time 2 min22:02
Distance5871 km
Travel time4 day 6 h 24 min
Sbega23:36Stopping time 1 min23:37
Distance5943 km
Travel time4 day 7 h 58 min
Ksenevskaya00:25Stopping time 2 min00:27
Distance5974 km
Travel time4 day 8 h 46 min
Mogocha02:34Stopping time 15 min02:49
Distance6046 km
Travel time4 day 10 h 53 min
Amazar04:25Stopping time 18 min04:43
Distance6120 km
Travel time4 day 12 h 29 min
Erofey Pavlovich06:36Stopping time 21 min06:57
Distance6191 km
Travel time4 day 14 h 22 min
Urusha08:50Stopping time 2 min08:52
Distance6253 km
Travel time4 day 16 h 15 min
Skovorodino10:52Stopping time 4 min10:56
Distance6322 km
Travel time4 day 18 h 15 min
Taldan12:44Stopping time 1 min12:45
Distance6389 km
Travel time4 day 20 h 3 min
Magdagachi14:27Stopping time 15 min14:42
Distance6459 km
Travel time4 day 21 h 45 min
Tiegda15:54Stopping time 5 min15:59
Distance6510 km
Travel time4 day 22 h 57 min
Ushumun16:36Stopping time 2 min16:38
Distance6549 km
Travel time4 day 23 h 34 min
Shimanovskaya18:15Stopping time 2 min18:17
Distance6666 km
Travel time5 day 1 h 11 min
Ledyanaya18:54Stopping time 1 min18:55
Distance6705 km
Travel time5 day 1 h 48 min
Svobodniey19:32Stopping time 5 min19:37
Distance6745 km
Travel time5 day 2 h 25 min
Belogorsk20:33Stopping time 42 min21:15
Distance6802 km
Travel time5 day 3 h 21 min
Ekaterinoslavka22:39Stopping time 2 min22:41
Distance6878 km
Travel time5 day 4 h 45 min
Zavitaya23:22Stopping time 2 min23:24
Distance6916 km
Travel time5 day 5 h 26 min
Bureya00:02Stopping time 2 min00:04
Distance6959 km
Travel time5 day 6 h 4 min
Arhara00:51Stopping time 2 min00:53
Distance7006 km
Travel time5 day 6 h 51 min
Kundur-Habarovskiy02:15Stopping time 1 min02:16
Distance7066 km
Travel time5 day 8 h 13 min
Obluche03:00Stopping time 15 min03:15
Distance7091 km
Travel time5 day 8 h 57 min
Izvestkovaya04:03Stopping time 1 min04:04
Distance7127 km
Travel time5 day 9 h 45 min
Birakan04:20Stopping time 1 min04:21
Distance7139 km
Travel time5 day 10 h 1 min
Teploe Ozero04:35Stopping time 1 min04:36
Distance7151 km
Travel time5 day 10 h 15 min
Izvestkoviey Zavod04:44Stopping time 1 min04:45
Distance7156 km
Travel time5 day 10 h 23 min
Bira05:21Stopping time 1 min05:22
Distance7194 km
Travel time5 day 10 h 59 min
Birobidzhan05:59Stopping time 7 min06:06
Distance7236 km
Travel time5 day 11 h 36 min
In07:02Stopping time 1 min07:03
Distance7304 km
Travel time5 day 12 h 32 min
Habarovsk08:37Stopping time1 h 10 min09:47
Distance7397 km
Travel time5 day 14 h 6 min
Verino10:49Stopping time 1 min10:50
Distance7455 km
Travel time5 day 15 h 8 min
Hor11:02Stopping time 1 min11:03
Distance7467 km
Travel time5 day 15 h 20 min
Vyazemskaya11:44Stopping time 15 min11:59
Distance7509 km
Travel time5 day 16 h 1 min
Rozengartovka12:57Stopping time 1 min12:58
Distance7563 km
Travel time5 day 16 h 59 min
Bikin13:35Stopping time 4 min13:39
Distance7601 km
Travel time5 day 17 h 36 min
Burlit-Volochaevskiy14:12Stopping time 1 min14:13
Distance7630 km
Travel time5 day 18 h 9 min
Luchegorsk14:24Stopping time 3 min14:27
Distance7641 km
Travel time5 day 18 h 20 min
Guberovo14:52Stopping time 2 min14:54
Distance7676 km
Travel time5 day 18 h 45 min
Dalnerechensk15:24Stopping time 5 min15:29
Distance7710 km
Travel time5 day 19 h 15 min
Lazo15:41Stopping time 1 min15:42
Distance7719 km
Travel time5 day 19 h 27 min
Grushevoe15:51Stopping time 1 min15:52
Distance7726 km
Travel time5 day 19 h 36 min
Prohasko16:10Stopping time 1 min16:11
Distance7748 km
Travel time5 day 19 h 54 min
Ruzhino16:29Stopping time 46 min17:15
Distance7765 km
Travel time5 day 20 h 12 min
Lesozavodsk17:27Stopping time 2 min17:29
Distance7771 km
Travel time5 day 20 h 24 min
Shmakovka18:00Stopping time 2 min18:02
Distance7808 km
Travel time5 day 20 h 55 min
Sungach18:24Stopping time 1 min18:25
Distance7835 km
Travel time5 day 21 h 17 min
Sviyagino18:39Stopping time 2 min18:41
Distance7847 km
Travel time5 day 21 h 31 min
Spassk-Dalniy19:11Stopping time 3 min19:14
Distance7878 km
Travel time5 day 22 h 1 min
Muchnaya19:51Stopping time 2 min19:53
Distance7915 km
Travel time5 day 22 h 38 min
Sibirtsevo20:13Stopping time 3 min20:16
Distance7932 km
Travel time5 day 22 h 58 min
Ozernaya Pad20:51Stopping time 2 min20:53
Distance7961 km
Travel time5 day 23 h 33 min
Ussuriysk21:33Stopping time 21 min21:54
Distance7990 km
Travel time6 day 13 min
Baranovskiy22:17Stopping time 1 min22:18
Distance8008 km
Travel time6 day 36 min
Ugolnaya23:10Stopping time 3 min23:13
Distance8048 km
Travel time6 day 1 h 28 min
23:49Sat, 24 Apr
Stopping time 0 min
Distance8074 km
Travel time6 day 2 h 4 min

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