Timetable of train 008Н Новосибирск - Владивосток

Carrier: ФПК

Train rating:

from6 545R
StationArrivalStopping timeDepartureDistanceTravel time
Stopping time 0 min
19:54Tue, 20 Oct
Travel time 0 min
Юрга 122:20Stopping time 2 min22:22
Distance144 km
Travel time2 h 26 min
Яшкино22:59Stopping time 2 min23:01
Distance184 km
Travel time3 h 3 min
Тайга23:25Stopping time 55 min00:20
Distance209 km
Travel time3 h 27 min
Анжерская00:47Stopping time 18 min01:05
Distance235 km
Travel time3 h 54 min
Яя01:28Stopping time 5 min01:33
Distance262 km
Travel time4 h 17 min
Мариинск02:43Stopping time 34 min03:17
Distance344 km
Travel time5 h 27 min
Тяжин04:06Stopping time 1 min04:07
Distance394 km
Travel time6 h 16 min
Боготол05:09Stopping time 1 min05:10
Distance457 km
Travel time7 h 18 min
Ачинск 106:06Stopping time 2 min06:08
Distance519 km
Travel time8 h 14 min
Красноярск Пасс09:03Stopping time 45 min09:48
Distance666 km
Travel time11 h 9 min
Заозерная12:25Stopping time 1 min12:26
Distance783 km
Travel time13 h 46 min
Канск-Енисейский13:31Stopping time 2 min13:33
Distance851 km
Travel time14 h 51 min
Иланская14:04Stopping time 20 min14:24
Distance874 km
Travel time15 h 22 min
Ингашская14:54Stopping time 1 min14:55
Distance902 km
Travel time15 h 52 min
Решоты15:34Stopping time 1 min15:35
Distance945 km
Travel time16 h 31 min
Тайшет16:32Stopping time 3 min16:35
Distance1000 km
Travel time17 h 28 min
Нижнеудинск19:15Stopping time 13 min19:28
Distance1133 km
Travel time20 h 8 min
Тулун21:04Stopping time 2 min21:06
Distance1235 km
Travel time21 h 44 min
Куйтун22:14Stopping time 2 min22:16
Distance1304 km
Travel time22 h 52 min
Зима23:09Stopping time 30 min23:39
Distance1361 km
Travel time23 h 45 min
Залари00:30Stopping time 2 min00:32
Distance1411 km
Travel time1 day 36 min
Черемхово01:27Stopping time 2 min01:29
Distance1471 km
Travel time1 day 1 h 31 min
Усолье-Сибирское02:18Stopping time 2 min02:20
Distance1531 km
Travel time1 day 2 h 20 min
Ангарск02:43Stopping time 3 min02:46
Distance1558 km
Travel time1 day 2 h 43 min
Иркутск-Сорт03:18Stopping time 2 min03:20
Distance1589 km
Travel time1 day 3 h 15 min
Иркутск Пассажирский03:34Stopping time 25 min03:59
Distance1596 km
Travel time1 day 3 h 29 min
Слюдянка 106:30Stopping time 2 min06:32
Distance1675 km
Travel time1 day 6 h 0 min
Байкальск07:15Stopping time 2 min07:17
Distance1714 km
Travel time1 day 6 h 43 min
Мысовая09:03Stopping time 2 min09:05
Distance1830 km
Travel time1 day 8 h 29 min
Улан-Удэ Пасс11:25Stopping time 25 min11:50
Distance1949 km
Travel time1 day 10 h 49 min
Заудинский12:04Stopping time 1 min12:05
Distance1956 km
Travel time1 day 11 h 3 min
Новоильинский13:30Stopping time 1 min13:31
Distance2028 km
Travel time1 day 12 h 28 min
Петровский завод14:23Stopping time 2 min14:25
Distance2072 km
Travel time1 day 13 h 20 min
Бада16:10Stopping time 2 min16:12
Distance2143 km
Travel time1 day 15 h 5 min
Хилок17:09Stopping time 25 min17:34
Distance2184 km
Travel time1 day 16 h 2 min
Могзон19:32Stopping time 2 min19:34
Distance2296 km
Travel time1 day 18 h 0 min
Чита 222:25Stopping time 36 min23:01
Distance2406 km
Travel time1 day 20 h 51 min
Карымская01:06Stopping time 18 min01:24
Distance2480 km
Travel time1 day 22 h 56 min
Солнцевая03:21Stopping time 2 min03:23
Distance2573 km
Travel time2 day 53 min
Шилка-Пасс.04:03Stopping time 2 min04:05
Distance2601 km
Travel time2 day 1 h 33 min
Приисковая04:50Stopping time 2 min04:52
Distance2641 km
Travel time2 day 2 h 18 min
Куэнга05:30Stopping time 2 min05:32
Distance2675 km
Travel time2 day 2 h 56 min
Чернышевск-Забайкальск06:37Stopping time 30 min07:07
Distance2725 km
Travel time2 day 4 h 1 min
Жирекен08:04Stopping time 2 min08:06
Distance2763 km
Travel time2 day 4 h 58 min
Зилово08:42Stopping time 2 min08:44
Distance2794 km
Travel time2 day 5 h 34 min
Ксеньевская10:55Stopping time 2 min10:57
Distance2892 km
Travel time2 day 7 h 45 min
Могоча12:50Stopping time 15 min13:05
Distance2964 km
Travel time2 day 9 h 38 min
Амазар14:38Stopping time 18 min14:56
Distance3038 km
Travel time2 day 11 h 11 min
Ерофей Павлович16:49Stopping time 21 min17:10
Distance3109 km
Travel time2 day 13 h 4 min
Уруша18:56Stopping time 2 min18:58
Distance3171 km
Travel time2 day 14 h 50 min
Сковородино20:42Stopping time 43 min21:25
Distance3240 km
Travel time2 day 16 h 34 min
Магдагачи00:48Stopping time 15 min01:03
Distance3377 km
Travel time2 day 19 h 57 min
Тыгда02:08Stopping time 3 min02:11
Distance3428 km
Travel time2 day 21 h 2 min
Шимановская04:28Stopping time 2 min04:30
Distance3582 km
Travel time2 day 23 h 19 min
Ледяная05:06Stopping time 2 min05:08
Distance3621 km
Travel time2 day 23 h 55 min
Свободный05:41Stopping time 5 min05:46
Distance3661 km
Travel time3 day 28 min
Серышево06:21Stopping time 2 min06:23
Distance3698 km
Travel time3 day 1 h 3 min
Белогорск06:45Stopping time 45 min07:30
Distance3718 km
Travel time3 day 1 h 25 min
Поздеевка08:20Stopping time 1 min08:21
Distance3766 km
Travel time3 day 2 h 15 min
Екатеринославка08:45Stopping time 2 min08:47
Distance3794 km
Travel time3 day 2 h 39 min
Завитая09:26Stopping time 2 min09:28
Distance3832 km
Travel time3 day 3 h 18 min
Бурея10:05Stopping time 2 min10:07
Distance3875 km
Travel time3 day 3 h 55 min
Архара10:49Stopping time 2 min10:51
Distance3922 km
Travel time3 day 4 h 37 min
Облучье12:59Stopping time 15 min13:14
Distance4007 km
Travel time3 day 6 h 45 min
Известковая14:01Stopping time 1 min14:02
Distance4043 km
Travel time3 day 7 h 32 min
Биробиджан15:51Stopping time 7 min15:58
Distance4146 km
Travel time3 day 9 h 21 min
Хабаровск 118:20Stopping time 40 min19:00
Distance4307 km
Travel time3 day 11 h 43 min
Вяземская20:50Stopping time 15 min21:05
Distance4417 km
Travel time3 day 13 h 33 min
Бикин22:40Stopping time 2 min22:42
Distance4505 km
Travel time3 day 15 h 8 min
Лучегорск23:23Stopping time 1 min23:24
Distance4543 km
Travel time3 day 15 h 49 min
Дальнереченск 100:19Stopping time 2 min00:21
Distance4613 km
Travel time3 day 16 h 44 min
Ружино01:10Stopping time 15 min01:25
Distance4667 km
Travel time3 day 17 h 33 min
Шмаковка02:08Stopping time 1 min02:09
Distance4709 km
Travel time3 day 18 h 16 min
Спасск-Дальний03:11Stopping time 2 min03:13
Distance4778 km
Travel time3 day 19 h 18 min
Мучная03:50Stopping time 1 min03:51
Distance4815 km
Travel time3 day 19 h 55 min
Сибирцево04:11Stopping time 2 min04:13
Distance4832 km
Travel time3 day 20 h 15 min
Озерная Падь04:49Stopping time 1 min04:50
Distance4861 km
Travel time3 day 20 h 51 min
Уссурийск05:25Stopping time 15 min05:40
Distance4890 km
Travel time3 day 21 h 26 min
Угольная06:54Stopping time 2 min06:56
Distance4946 km
Travel time3 day 22 h 40 min
07:32Sun, 25 Oct
Stopping time 0 min
Distance4972 km
Travel time3 day 23 h 16 min
СковородиноВокзал Сковородино
20:42Tue, 20 Oct
Stopping time1 h 39 min
22:21Tue, 20 Oct
Distance2616 km
Travel time 0 min
Штурм23:25Stopping time 7 min23:32
Distance2647 km
Travel time1 h 4 min
Мохортов23:48Stopping time 1 min23:49
Distance2657 km
Travel time1 h 20 min
Муртыгит00:11Stopping time 2 min00:13
Distance2672 km
Travel time1 h 42 min
Пурикан00:36Stopping time 1 min00:37
Distance2687 km
Travel time2 h 5 min
Аносовская00:58Stopping time 1 min00:59
Distance2699 km
Travel time2 h 26 min
Силип01:16Stopping time 1 min01:17
Distance2703 km
Travel time2 h 43 min
Заболотное01:39Stopping time 1 min01:40
Distance2721 km
Travel time3 h 5 min
Беленькая02:06Stopping time 1 min02:07
Distance2737 km
Travel time3 h 31 min
Федосеев02:21Stopping time 1 min02:22
Distance2737 km
Travel time3 h 45 min
Сети02:43Stopping time 1 min02:44
Distance2737 km
Travel time4 h 6 min
Побожий02:56Stopping time 1 min02:57
Distance2743 km
Travel time4 h 18 min
Тында03:14Stopping time1 h 2 min04:16
Distance2753 km
Travel time4 h 35 min
Гилюй05:14Stopping time 1 min05:15
Distance2785 km
Travel time5 h 33 min
Могот05:49Stopping time 1 min05:50
Distance2809 km
Travel time6 h 7 min
Рихард Зорге06:17Stopping time 1 min06:18
Distance2826 km
Travel time6 h 34 min
Якутский06:40Stopping time 1 min06:41
Distance2836 km
Travel time6 h 56 min
Нагорная Якутская06:57Stopping time 1 min06:58
Distance2844 km
Travel time7 h 12 min
Аям07:24Stopping time 1 min07:25
Distance2861 km
Travel time7 h 38 min
Золотинка07:52Stopping time 1 min07:53
Distance2875 km
Travel time8 h 5 min
Беркакит09:00Stopping time 3 min09:03
Distance2919 km
Travel time9 h 12 min
Нерюнгри Пасс*Вокзал Нерюнгри
09:16Wed, 21 Oct
Stopping time 0 min
Distance2927 km
Travel time9 h 25 min

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