Timetable of train 309Х Mangistau - Aktobe

Carrier: КТЖ

from5 079R
StationArrivalStopping timeDepartureDistanceTravel time
Stopping time 0 min
11:11Thu, 14 Nov
Travel time 0 min
Tamak11:24Stopping time 2 min11:26
Distance9 km
Travel time 13 min
Рзд N1611:46Stopping time 2 min11:48
Distance9 km
Travel time 33 min
Оп 368 км12:02Stopping time 1 min12:03
Distance9 km
Travel time 47 min
Raz'ezd N1512:19Stopping time 2 min12:21
Distance9 km
Travel time1 h 3 min
Рзд N1412:48Stopping time 2 min12:50
Distance9 km
Travel time1 h 30 min
Shetpe13:08Stopping time 10 min13:18
Distance9 km
Travel time1 h 48 min
Рзд N1313:38Stopping time 2 min13:40
Distance9 km
Travel time2 h 8 min
Raz'ezd N12-G14:03Stopping time 2 min14:05
Distance9 km
Travel time2 h 31 min
Рзд N1114:28Stopping time 2 min14:30
Distance9 km
Travel time2 h 54 min
Raz'ezd N10-G14:49Stopping time 2 min14:51
Distance9 km
Travel time3 h 13 min
Manat15:08Stopping time 2 min15:10
Distance22 km
Travel time3 h 30 min
Рзд N915:32Stopping time 2 min15:34
Distance22 km
Travel time3 h 52 min
Say-Utes16:14Stopping time 34 min16:48
Distance22 km
Travel time4 h 32 min
Рзд N717:14Stopping time 2 min17:16
Distance22 km
Travel time4 h 58 min
Raz'ezd N6-G17:49Stopping time 5 min17:54
Distance22 km
Travel time5 h 31 min
Рзд N518:20Stopping time 3 min18:23
Distance22 km
Travel time5 h 57 min
Ustyurt18:46Stopping time 3 min18:49
Distance22 km
Travel time6 h 20 min
Рзд N319:17Stopping time 2 min19:19
Distance22 km
Travel time6 h 48 min
Raz'ezd N2-G19:41Stopping time 2 min19:43
Distance22 km
Travel time7 h 10 min
Raz'ezd N120:03Stopping time 2 min20:05
Distance73 km
Travel time7 h 30 min
Beyneu20:21Stopping time 30 min20:51
Distance83 km
Travel time7 h 46 min
Raz'ezd N46021:13Stopping time 1 min21:14
Distance105 km
Travel time8 h 8 min
Raz'ezd N4621:46Stopping time 2 min21:48
Distance121 km
Travel time8 h 40 min
Korkol22:08Stopping time 10 min22:18
Distance139 km
Travel time9 h 0 min
Raz'ezd N4622:51Stopping time 5 min22:56
Distance157 km
Travel time9 h 33 min
Raz'ezd N4623:19Stopping time 14 min23:33
Distance175 km
Travel time9 h 56 min
Opornaya23:58Stopping time 10 min00:08
Distance197 km
Travel time10 h 21 min
Raz'ezd N4600:36Stopping time 2 min00:38
Distance213 km
Travel time10 h 49 min
Toltier01:00Stopping time 2 min01:02
Distance235 km
Travel time11 h 11 min
Raz'ezd N46701:24Stopping time 2 min01:26
Distance241 km
Travel time11 h 33 min
Raz'ezd N46801:47Stopping time 2 min01:49
Distance261 km
Travel time11 h 54 min
Kulsarie02:12Stopping time 20 min02:32
Distance290 km
Travel time12 h 17 min
Shokpartogai02:48Stopping time 2 min02:50
Distance301 km
Travel time12 h 33 min
Оп 1254 км02:59Stopping time 1 min03:00
Distance301 km
Travel time12 h 42 min
Raz'ezd N46903:14Stopping time 2 min03:16
Distance301 km
Travel time12 h 56 min
Raz'ezd N47003:40Stopping time 2 min03:42
Distance314 km
Travel time13 h 20 min
Baiterek03:54Stopping time 2 min03:56
Distance330 km
Travel time13 h 32 min
Bekbeke04:13Stopping time 2 min04:15
Distance341 km
Travel time13 h 49 min
Raz'ezd N4704:34Stopping time 2 min04:36
Distance358 km
Travel time14 h 8 min
Makat04:55Stopping time 25 min05:20
Distance375 km
Travel time14 h 27 min
Raz'ezd 377 Km05:41Stopping time 2 min05:43
Distance391 km
Travel time14 h 48 min
Zhamansor06:07Stopping time 11 min06:18
Distance413 km
Travel time15 h 12 min
Kenbay06:38Stopping time 13 min06:51
Distance433 km
Travel time15 h 32 min
Zhanterek07:13Stopping time 2 min07:15
Distance448 km
Travel time15 h 54 min
Mukur07:46Stopping time 2 min07:48
Distance472 km
Travel time16 h 25 min
Raz'ezd 279 Km08:04Stopping time 1 min08:05
Distance486 km
Travel time16 h 41 min
Raz'ezd 265 Km08:24Stopping time 1 min08:25
Distance500 km
Travel time17 h 0 min
Sagiz08:40Stopping time 15 min08:55
Distance509 km
Travel time17 h 15 min
Raz'ezd 236 Km09:20Stopping time 1 min09:21
Distance527 km
Travel time17 h 40 min
Nogaytq09:39Stopping time 2 min09:41
Distance545 km
Travel time17 h 58 min
Рзд 202 км09:57Stopping time 1 min09:58
Distance545 km
Travel time18 h 14 min
Zharlie10:14Stopping time 18 min10:32
Distance545 km
Travel time18 h 30 min
Raz'ezd 174 Km10:46Stopping time 1 min10:47
Distance559 km
Travel time18 h 44 min
Karaulkeldie11:03Stopping time 3 min11:06
Distance574 km
Travel time19 h 0 min
Rzd 14211:23Stopping time 1 min11:24
Distance590 km
Travel time19 h 17 min
Kenzhalie11:48Stopping time 2 min11:50
Distance610 km
Travel time19 h 41 min
Rzd 10212:07Stopping time 1 min12:08
Distance625 km
Travel time19 h 58 min
Shubarkudiek12:25Stopping time 15 min12:40
Distance640 km
Travel time20 h 15 min
Kalmakkiergan13:05Stopping time 2 min13:07
Distance662 km
Travel time20 h 40 min
Temir13:39Stopping time 2 min13:41
Distance690 km
Travel time21 h 12 min
Kandieagash14:16Stopping time 15 min14:31
Distance718 km
Travel time21 h 47 min
Akkemer14:57Stopping time 1 min14:58
Distance740 km
Travel time22 h 13 min
Tamdie15:13Stopping time 1 min15:14
Distance758 km
Travel time22 h 28 min
Alga15:26Stopping time 2 min15:28
Distance768 km
Travel time22 h 40 min
Bestamak15:44Stopping time 2 min15:46
Distance784 km
Travel time22 h 56 min
16:14Fri, 15 Nov
Stopping time 0 min
Distance811 km
Travel time23 h 24 min
20:21Thu, 14 Nov
Stopping time7 h 49 min
04:10Thu, 14 Nov
Distance358 km
Travel time 0 min
Оп 1013 км04:35Stopping time 2 min04:37
Distance358 km
Travel time 25 min
Kziel-Asker04:53Stopping time 8 min05:01
Distance358 km
Travel time 41 min
Akzhigit05:23Stopping time 2 min05:25
Distance382 km
Travel time1 h 3 min
Oazis05:50Stopping time1 h 0 min06:50
Distance407 km
Travel time1 h 28 min
Karakalpakiya06:18Stopping time2 h 0 min08:18
Distance407 km
Travel time 56 min
Kiyiksay08:47Stopping time 2 min08:49
Distance427 km
Travel time1 h 25 min
Ak Tobe09:18Stopping time 2 min09:20
Distance448 km
Travel time1 h 54 min
Bostan09:42Stopping time 2 min09:44
Distance470 km
Travel time2 h 16 min
Berdah10:10Stopping time 2 min10:12
Distance495 km
Travel time2 h 42 min
Ayapbergen10:40Stopping time 5 min10:45
Distance534 km
Travel time3 h 10 min
Zhasliek11:11Stopping time 20 min11:31
Distance543 km
Travel time3 h 36 min
Kuaniesh11:52Stopping time 2 min11:54
Distance562 km
Travel time3 h 57 min
Abadan12:17Stopping time 2 min12:19
Distance584 km
Travel time4 h 20 min
Azhiniyaz12:44Stopping time 2 min12:46
Distance607 km
Travel time4 h 45 min
Barsa-Kelmes13:08Stopping time 2 min13:10
Distance629 km
Travel time5 h 7 min
Kierkkiez13:33Stopping time 3 min13:36
Distance653 km
Travel time5 h 30 min
Kunhodzha13:54Stopping time 2 min13:56
Distance665 km
Travel time5 h 48 min
Raushan14:21Stopping time 2 min14:23
Distance688 km
Travel time6 h 13 min
Kungrad14:47Stopping time 40 min15:27
Distance708 km
Travel time6 h 37 min
Hodzheyli16:43Stopping time 8 min16:51
Distance794 km
Travel time7 h 53 min
Tahiatash-Pristan17:13Stopping time 11 min17:24
Distance806 km
Travel time8 h 15 min
17:40Thu, 14 Nov
Stopping time 0 min
Distance818 km
Travel time8 h 31 min
16:14Thu, 14 Nov
Stopping time2 h 32 min
18:46Thu, 14 Nov
Distance858 km
Travel time 0 min
Zhaysan20:18Stopping time1 h 20 min21:38
Distance953 km
Travel time1 h 32 min
Iletsk23:20Stopping time 41 min00:01
Distance1046 km
Travel time3 h 14 min
Chingirlau01:03Stopping time 50 min01:53
Distance1110 km
Travel time4 h 16 min
Kazahstan03:01Stopping time 5 min03:06
Distance1186 km
Travel time5 h 24 min
Uralsk04:57Stopping time 30 min05:27
Distance1300 km
Travel time7 h 15 min
Peremetnaya06:08Stopping time 4 min06:12
Distance1336 km
Travel time7 h 56 min
Taskala06:52Stopping time 5 min06:57
Distance1376 km
Travel time8 h 36 min
Semiglaviey Mar07:20Stopping time1 h 17 min08:37
Distance1396 km
Travel time8 h 59 min
Ozinki06:08Stopping time1 h 30 min07:38
Distance1396 km
Travel time6 h 30 min
Altata09:04Stopping time 2 min09:06
Distance1464 km
Travel time7 h 56 min
Ershov09:56Stopping time 2 min09:58
Distance1500 km
Travel time8 h 46 min
Mokrous10:54Stopping time 2 min10:56
Distance1555 km
Travel time9 h 42 min
Urbah11:28Stopping time 2 min11:30
Distance1592 km
Travel time10 h 14 min
SaratovStation Saratov-1
13:15Fri, 15 Nov
Stopping time 0 min
Distance1668 km
Travel time11 h 59 min

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