Timetable of train 351Й Советская Гавань - Владивосток

Carrier: ФПК

Train rating:

from1 327R
StationArrivalStopping timeDepartureDistanceTravel time
Stopping time 0 min
10:28Wed, 21 Oct
Travel time 0 min
Ванино10:47Stopping time 10 min10:57
Distance2 km
Travel time 19 min
Токи11:12Stopping time 3 min11:15
Distance9 km
Travel time 34 min
Дюанка11:31Stopping time 1 min11:32
Distance18 km
Travel time 50 min
Ландыши11:47Stopping time 2 min11:49
Distance25 km
Travel time1 h 5 min
Монгохто11:58Stopping time 1 min11:59
Distance29 km
Travel time1 h 14 min
Чепсары12:14Stopping time 1 min12:15
Distance1036 km
Travel time1 h 29 min
Усть-Орочи12:30Stopping time 7 min12:37
Distance2026 km
Travel time1 h 44 min
Имбо12:45Stopping time 1 min12:46
Distance2029 km
Travel time1 h 52 min
Хуту13:00Stopping time 1 min13:01
Distance2039 km
Travel time2 h 6 min
Дайчи13:18Stopping time 1 min13:19
Distance2051 km
Travel time2 h 23 min
Тумнин13:34Stopping time 10 min13:44
Distance2062 km
Travel time2 h 38 min
Людю13:57Stopping time 1 min13:58
Distance2068 km
Travel time2 h 51 min
Разъезд 323 км14:14Stopping time 1 min14:15
Distance2078 km
Travel time3 h 7 min
Акур14:25Stopping time 2 min14:27
Distance2082 km
Travel time3 h 17 min
Тулучи14:48Stopping time 5 min14:53
Distance2095 km
Travel time3 h 38 min
Инау15:07Stopping time 1 min15:08
Distance2103 km
Travel time3 h 52 min
Кото15:19Stopping time 1 min15:20
Distance2108 km
Travel time4 h 3 min
Джигдаси15:40Stopping time 1 min15:41
Distance2121 km
Travel time4 h 23 min
Кенада16:02Stopping time 10 min16:12
Distance2133 km
Travel time4 h 44 min
Датта16:38Stopping time 1 min16:39
Distance2151 km
Travel time5 h 10 min
Высокогорная17:05Stopping time 32 min17:37
Distance2167 km
Travel time5 h 36 min
Блок-Пост 197 км17:57Stopping time 1 min17:58
Distance2178 km
Travel time5 h 56 min
Новый Кузнецовский18:08Stopping time 1 min18:09
Distance2184 km
Travel time6 h 6 min
Оунэ18:22Stopping time 1 min18:23
Distance2192 km
Travel time6 h 19 min
Удоми18:37Stopping time 1 min18:38
Distance2200 km
Travel time6 h 33 min
Кенай18:53Stopping time 3 min18:56
Distance2211 km
Travel time6 h 48 min
Галицкий19:09Stopping time 1 min19:10
Distance2211 km
Travel time7 h 1 min
Аксака19:21Stopping time 1 min19:22
Distance2211 km
Travel time7 h 12 min
Уктур19:34Stopping time 3 min19:37
Distance2218 km
Travel time7 h 24 min
Сагджему19:48Stopping time 1 min19:49
Distance2226 km
Travel time7 h 35 min
Почепта19:57Stopping time 1 min19:58
Distance2232 km
Travel time7 h 43 min
Гурское20:17Stopping time 2 min20:19
Distance2243 km
Travel time8 h 2 min
Хумма20:33Stopping time 1 min20:34
Distance2243 km
Travel time8 h 16 min
Кун20:50Stopping time 2 min20:52
Distance2243 km
Travel time8 h 32 min
Пони21:12Stopping time 1 min21:13
Distance2252 km
Travel time8 h 52 min
Тудур21:25Stopping time 1 min21:26
Distance2260 km
Travel time9 h 4 min
Эльдиган21:42Stopping time 1 min21:43
Distance2267 km
Travel time9 h 20 min
Селихин21:57Stopping time 5 min22:02
Distance2277 km
Travel time9 h 34 min
Картель22:16Stopping time 1 min22:17
Distance2286 km
Travel time9 h 48 min
Гайтер22:33Stopping time 1 min22:34
Distance2297 km
Travel time10 h 4 min
Пивань23:09Stopping time 1 min23:10
Distance2313 km
Travel time10 h 39 min
Комсомольск на Амуре П23:50Stopping time1 h 5 min00:55
Distance2324 km
Travel time11 h 19 min
Хурба01:28Stopping time 1 min01:29
Distance2342 km
Travel time11 h 52 min
Мылки01:45Stopping time 15 min02:00
Distance2354 km
Travel time12 h 8 min
Раз'езд 303 км02:18Stopping time 1 min02:19
Distance2365 km
Travel time12 h 26 min
Подали02:29Stopping time 1 min02:30
Distance2370 km
Travel time12 h 36 min
Эльбан02:51Stopping time 19 min03:10
Distance2389 km
Travel time12 h 57 min
Тейсин03:23Stopping time 1 min03:24
Distance2398 km
Travel time13 h 10 min
Менгон03:35Stopping time 1 min03:36
Distance2406 km
Travel time13 h 21 min
Болонь04:01Stopping time 5 min04:06
Distance2423 km
Travel time13 h 46 min
Раз'езд N2104:27Stopping time 1 min04:28
Distance2439 km
Travel time14 h 7 min
Ост.Пункт 207 км04:46Stopping time 1 min04:47
Distance2453 km
Travel time14 h 25 min
Хевчен04:55Stopping time 1 min04:56
Distance2457 km
Travel time14 h 33 min
Раз'езд N1805:10Stopping time 1 min05:11
Distance2467 km
Travel time14 h 47 min
Сельгон05:33Stopping time 1 min05:34
Distance2486 km
Travel time15 h 9 min
Нусхи05:51Stopping time 7 min05:58
Distance2500 km
Travel time15 h 26 min
Ост.Пункт 148 км06:09Stopping time 1 min06:10
Distance2506 km
Travel time15 h 37 min
Санболи06:23Stopping time 5 min06:28
Distance2516 km
Travel time15 h 50 min
Литовко06:49Stopping time 5 min06:54
Distance2530 km
Travel time16 h 11 min
Дальневосточный07:06Stopping time 3 min07:09
Distance2537 km
Travel time16 h 23 min
Форель07:27Stopping time 3 min07:30
Distance2548 km
Travel time16 h 41 min
Вандан07:49Stopping time 1 min07:50
Distance2560 km
Travel time17 h 0 min
Ост.Пункт 72 км08:01Stopping time 1 min08:02
Distance2565 km
Travel time17 h 11 min
Джелюмкен08:10Stopping time 2 min08:12
Distance2573 km
Travel time17 h 19 min
Ост.Пункт 59 км08:21Stopping time 1 min08:22
Distance2579 km
Travel time17 h 28 min
Ост.Пункт 52 км08:31Stopping time 1 min08:32
Distance2587 km
Travel time17 h 37 min
Партизанские Сопки08:40Stopping time 1 min08:41
Distance2590 km
Travel time17 h 45 min
Ост.Пункт 37 км08:54Stopping time 1 min08:55
Distance2600 km
Travel time17 h 58 min
Джармен09:04Stopping time 1 min09:05
Distance2607 km
Travel time18 h 7 min
Ост.Пункт 22 км09:15Stopping time 1 min09:16
Distance2609 km
Travel time18 h 17 min
Утиный09:20Stopping time 1 min09:21
Distance2616 km
Travel time18 h 21 min
Волочаевка 209:34Stopping time 2 min09:36
Distance2625 km
Travel time18 h 34 min
Хабаровск 110:22Stopping time1 h 10 min11:32
Distance2662 km
Travel time19 h 20 min
Верино12:32Stopping time 1 min12:33
Distance2720 km
Travel time20 h 20 min
Хор12:45Stopping time 1 min12:46
Distance2732 km
Travel time20 h 32 min
Вяземская13:30Stopping time 15 min13:45
Distance2774 km
Travel time21 h 16 min
Розенгартовка14:41Stopping time 1 min14:42
Distance2828 km
Travel time22 h 12 min
Бикин15:18Stopping time 3 min15:21
Distance2866 km
Travel time22 h 48 min
Звеньевой15:37Stopping time 1 min15:38
Distance2878 km
Travel time23 h 4 min
Лучегорск16:05Stopping time 2 min16:07
Distance2909 km
Travel time23 h 31 min
Ласточка16:19Stopping time 1 min16:20
Distance2919 km
Travel time23 h 43 min
Губерово16:38Stopping time 1 min16:39
Distance2944 km
Travel time1 day 1 min
Дальнереченск 117:09Stopping time 4 min17:13
Distance2978 km
Travel time1 day 31 min
Лазо17:26Stopping time 1 min17:27
Distance2987 km
Travel time1 day 44 min
Грушевое17:36Stopping time 1 min17:37
Distance2994 km
Travel time1 day 53 min
Прохаско17:54Stopping time 1 min17:55
Distance3016 km
Travel time1 day 1 h 10 min
Филаретовка18:03Stopping time 1 min18:04
Distance3023 km
Travel time1 day 1 h 18 min
Ружино18:15Stopping time 39 min18:54
Distance3033 km
Travel time1 day 1 h 29 min
Лесозаводск 119:05Stopping time 1 min19:06
Distance3039 km
Travel time1 day 1 h 40 min
Кабарга19:20Stopping time 1 min19:21
Distance3055 km
Travel time1 day 1 h 54 min
Шмаковка19:41Stopping time 1 min19:42
Distance3077 km
Travel time1 day 2 h 14 min
Сунгач20:07Stopping time 1 min20:08
Distance3104 km
Travel time1 day 2 h 39 min
Свиягино20:22Stopping time 1 min20:23
Distance3116 km
Travel time1 day 2 h 53 min
Дроздов20:34Stopping time 1 min20:35
Distance3125 km
Travel time1 day 3 h 4 min
Спасск-Дальний20:59Stopping time 3 min21:02
Distance3147 km
Travel time1 day 3 h 28 min
Кнорринг21:51Stopping time 1 min21:52
Distance3165 km
Travel time1 day 4 h 17 min
Мучная22:12Stopping time 1 min22:13
Distance3186 km
Travel time1 day 4 h 37 min
Сибирцево22:33Stopping time 3 min22:36
Distance3203 km
Travel time1 day 4 h 57 min
Озерная Падь23:11Stopping time 1 min23:12
Distance3232 km
Travel time1 day 5 h 32 min
Уссурийск23:47Stopping time 19 min00:06
Distance3261 km
Travel time1 day 6 h 7 min
Барановский00:31Stopping time 1 min00:32
Distance3279 km
Travel time1 day 6 h 32 min
Раздольное00:47Stopping time 1 min00:48
Distance3289 km
Travel time1 day 6 h 47 min
Угольная01:29Stopping time 3 min01:32
Distance3320 km
Travel time1 day 7 h 28 min
02:08Fri, 23 Oct
Stopping time 0 min
Distance3346 km
Travel time1 day 8 h 4 min

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