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  • It is very easy to buy an e-ticket on our website:

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    3. Select the number of passengers
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  • Without electronic registration: paper ticket and passport.

    With electronic registration: show the ticket on your phone's screen (or a printed ticket) and your passport.

    For children: birth certificate and ticket.

    1. go to the website;
    2. go to the My Orders tab or your Personal Account;
    3. select the order and the number of tickets you wish to return;
    4. enter your passport number;
    5. click "Ticket return";
    6. click "check the refund amount";
    7. The refund amount will be displayed on the screen, and you just need to click "Confirm ticket refund";

    If the refund was successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • The law allows you to take a pet in a cage or in a container on the train. To do this, you have to buy a separate ticket at the ticket office. Large pets can only be carried in 4-person sleeper compartments or 2-person sleeper cars (you need to book the whole compartment). Veterinary documents are mandatory for international trips.

  • You can buy e-tickets for local, long-distance and international trains on the website. An e-ticket is a paperless ticket containing all the details of your trip. You can save it on your smartphone or tablet and show it on the screen when boarding.

  • You cannot change an e-ticket online: you can only return it or buy a new one, or you can change it at the ticket office.

  • If there is only one wrong letter and/or number, you can board the train without changing anything. If there is a mistake in your date of birth, and it does not affect the ticket price (it was not issued at the child fare), you do not have to correct it.

    If there are more mistakes, you need to get a new ticket. There are two ways of doing this:

    1. At the ticket office; the service costs RUB 236.40. According to the rules, the details can be changed only on a Federal Passenger Company (FPC) ticket. In practice, it is also possible for other carriers.
    2. You can also inform the conductor before departure. The price is RUB 200. This service is only available for FPC trains.
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Moscow - Bugulma train tickets

Отправление и прибытие поезда (en)по местному времени (en)по московскому времени (en)
№ 116Й 


ФПКExpress train
This train includes air-conditioned cars
This train contains seats for passengers with pets
This train includes cars with bed linen available
This train includes cars with a non-refundable rate
22 h 32 min
12:26SeatsSun, 22 SepMoscowKazanskiy station
Train rating
10:58SeatsMon, 23 SepBugulmaStation Bugulma
Поезд Москва-Уфа № 115. Впечатления средние. Вагоны старые, все скрипит. Туалеты неудобные. Цена билетов в связи с этим завышена. Могла бы республика для фирменного поезда использовать более лучшие вагоны. К проводникам претензий нет.
Поездка прошла как обычно, хотелось поскорее добраться до места прибытия. Ехали в сидящем вагоне, вагон старый, а хочется увидеть и поехать в современном вагоне; проводница была вежлива и внимательна; про чистоту - показалось, что одним ведром воды вымыли весь вагон, включая санузлы.
Economy class sleeper car
Спасибо всё было классно
Total reviews55Collapse
from1 545,5 R2 seats
Economy class sleeper car
from2 593,9 R28 seats
from3 206,2 R24 seats

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