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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any RZD child fare discounts on your website?

You can order a free ticket for children up to 5 years old who do not occupy a separate seat/berth. You can order a child fare ticket for children up to 10 years old with the reservation of a separate seat/berth. The discount is provided by the carrier and is calculated automatically. The age of the child is determined as of the day the train journey begins.

Please note: child fare tickets can only be ordered together with an adult ticket.

Why can't I order a ticket "without a reserved seat " in a first-class car for an 8-year old child?

The availability of child fare tickets depends on the service class and the route of travel.

A compartment in a first-class car should be paid for entirely and, in this case, the child fare does not apply. Therefore, even if the adult travels with a child, he/she will have to order two adult tickets.

If two adults are traveling in the same compartment with a child up to 10 years old (depending on the route of travel), they can order a free ticket for the child in addition to their tickets.