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Charter flights

The charter flights are performed by the carrier according to the air charter, which is a charter agreement for a partial or total holding capacity of the aircraft.

The charter flights are additional flights, which are not available on the time-table. These are the flights, as a rule, to popular tourist destinations, which are carried out during the periods of "a high season'. The consolidator of a charter flight can be a tourist company (or several tourist companies), which buy all seats of the flights or just a block of passenger seats on a scheduled flight.

The scheduled flights are performed under a stringently observed time-table. They do not depend on how many air tickets have been sold for a particular flight – even if there are only 2-3 passengers, the flight will be performed. The charter flight is assigned basing on the number of accumulated passengers and it takes place during the time intervals between the scheduled flights.

An essential advantage of a charter flight is the ticket price, which is two-three times below the price for a scheduled flight. Therefore, the charter air tickets, as well as the air tickets for seats within the blocks of seats on scheduled flights, are not subject to return and exchange.

Please, consider the specifics of the charter air flights:

  • The fluctuations in cost of the air freight in connection with adopted fuel fee by the carrier are possible. The fuel fee surcharge is mandatory, regardless of the order or payment date.
  • The time, which is indicated in the flight data and the itinerary receipt, is not guaranteed and is not an integral part of the present agreement. The carrier can transfer the passenger to another carrier for carriage, without any prior notice, as well as replace the aircraft, the airport of landing or cancel landing in the itinerary points, which are provided in the air ticket, if necessary. The timetable can be changed without prior notification of the passenger. The carrier is not responsible for enabling flight connection.
  • The voluntary change of the carriage conditions is not allowed.
  • The involuntary change of the carriage conditions is not allowed.
  • The voluntary return is not allowed.
  • The involuntary return is not allowed

Therefore, a day before the flight departure, you have to check the flight information if there are any changes to the flight and departure time using the ON-line time-table of the airport of departure, as well as check the notifications on changes in your personal e-mail box.