Train ticket
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What do I need to board a train?

After paying for your e-ticket, a check coupon for your e-ticket will be sent to the e-mail address provided when you placed the order. This is a file attached to the e-mail message that contains the order number (14 characters) and e-ticket number (14 characters). If you only ordered one ticket, the order number and the e-ticket number will be the same. If the order was for more than one passenger, the order number and the e-ticket number will match for the first passenger in the order.

A check coupon is a document of strict accountability*, but it is not a travel document. You will need a boarding coupon to board the train.

You can get a boarding coupon:

  • Through electronic registration on the UFS website – you will receive your boarding coupon by e-mail. Please print it on А4 paper or show it to the train attendant on the screen of your mobile device when you board the train.
  • By printing out the boarding coupon in a ticket office or through a self-service terminal within the Russian Federation. To do this, you need the number of your order/e-ticket or print the check coupon.

You must print out the boarding coupon obtained during electronic registration in A4 format to board train No.9/10 Moscow - Warsaw - Moscow, including coupled cars for direct travel Moscow - Budapest - Moscow, Moscow - Sofia - Moscow, Moscow - Varna - Moscow, Moscow - Burgas - Moscow, Moscow - Bar - Moscow, as well as trains departing from Vilnius. We recommend that you carry a printed check coupon with information on your trip if you plan to travel on trains between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Latvia; the Russian Federation and the Republic of Estonia; the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus; the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan; the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic.

When you board the train, in addition to the e-ticket boarding coupon, you will need to show the train attendant your identity document whose number you provided when buying the ticket. If you are traveling with children up to 14 years old within the Russian Federation, you can produce a notarized copy of the child's birth certificate instead of the original.

Please note that the user who orders the e-tickets acts on behalf of all passengers listed in the order; therefore all passengers are considered to have been informed of the terms and conditions for boarding and traveling on the train.

* According to the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 322 of August 21, 2012, "On the establishment of forms of electronic travel documents (tickets) for the railway transportation service".


Obtaining your boarding coupon on a travel document form

If you did not use the electronic registration service, you can only obtain your boarding coupon on a travel document form within the Russian Federation:

  • at a ticket office equipped with an Express system terminal; here you can get boarding coupons for your entire order or for specific e-tickets in the order;
  • at a self-service terminal; here the boarding coupons are only issued for the entire order.

Important! You cannot get tickets for high-speed local trains with reserved seats in every ticket office. They can only be purchased in the carrier's ticket office at the train departure and arrival station.

What do I need to get a ticket

To obtain boarding coupons on a form, you need to know the identity document number of one of the passengers, as well as the e-ticket number or order number (14 digits). Boarding coupons can be issued in the ticket offices to one of the passengers indicated in the order based on an identity document or to an authorized representative based on a hand-written power of attorney.

To avoid missing the train, we recommend that you arrive at the station to collect your boarding coupon no later than one hour before the train's departure.

Please remember!

  • If the passenger surname or the identity document number do not match the details indicated in the e-ticket, the passenger will not be allowed to board the train.
  • You cannot change the personal details of passengers when you receive the boarding coupons. Please be careful when filling in the forms!
  • Boarding coupons are not issued from 3:30-4:00 Moscow time (service break).
  • E-tickets may not be transferred to other persons; they are only valid when produced together with the appropriate identity documents. The re-sale of electronic tickets is not allowed.

What if I cannot remember the order number

If you have forgotten or lost the check coupon with the order number, you can recover it and view all information on the order in your Personal account on the UFS website (for registered users of the website). If you do not have a Personal account, please contact UFS support service at or call 8 (495) 269-83-65.

For international traffic

The travel documents for trains in international traffic (non-CIS countries) can be only be purchased in international ticket offices within the Russian Federation. Self-service terminals can only issue travel documents for international trains from Russia to Finland.