Train ticket
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How to correctly provide personal data

Please carefully enter the details of all passengers in the order. The person placing the order bears full responsibility for correctly entering this information. Please note that if document numbers or other personal details are entered incorrectly, the passenger will not be issued a boarding pass or be allowed to board the train.

Format for entering a new-style Russian passport number (PN):

  • Series: four digits
  • Number: six digits

Format for entering a foreign travel passport number (FTP):

  • Number: nine digits

Format for entering the birth certificate number (BC):

  • Series: Roman numerals (Latin letters), two Cyrillic letters
  • Number: six digits

Please do not use the '№' symbol when you fill out the fields.

You can enter passport or birth certificate details of foreign citizens after specifying the document type as "Foreign document".

The "Military ID" document type can only be used when ordering e-tickets for passengers who are enlisted soldiers.

The passenger's personal details the must match the information provided in the identity document. If the document contains personal details in two languages (Cyrillic and Latin characters), the information in the order must be filled in with Cyrillic letters when traveling inside Russia and on the routes with CIS countries, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Estonia, and the Republic of Abkhazia. The information in the order must be filled in with the Latin letters when traveling on international routes.

If you discover an error in the personal details, you must correct it before paying for the order. If you fail to correct the error, please apply for a ticket refund in accordance with the refund procedure. In this case, in accordance with the Offer Agreement, the service fee will not be refunded.