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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not in Russia. How can I buy a ticket?

You can order a ticket from anywhere in the world and pay for it with a bank card or e-money. A check coupon will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the ticket order. This check coupon is regarded as confirmation of the ticket purchase. The train boarding conditions are specified in the check coupon.

Is my payment protected?

We guarantee absolute security of payments. Your bank card's details are protected. You enter them on a protected payment page and the information is transmitted to the processing center using SSL encryption technology.

We do not transmit your bank card details to any third parties. A 3D Secure protocol may be used for additional authentication of the bank card holder. If your bank supports this technology, you will be redirected to the bank server to enter additional payment details.

If you have questions about your payment, contact our support service at or call 8 (495) 269-83-65.

Payment by bank card is performed through certified processing centers (PCI DSS 3.1 compliant): GateLine, Uniteller, Transport Clearing House.

I am a foreigner, how can I buy a ticket? How do I enter the details of a foreign citizen who doesn't have a middle name?

To order a ticket, choose the correct type of document. For foreign passengers, please select "Foreign document" and enter the details as indicated in the document.

If they don't have a middle name, just put a dash in the appropriate box.

Can I purchase a railway ticket in installments?

Yes, you do not have to pay for your railway tickets at once. You can purchase tickets in installments on our website using the PayLate - Trust Payment service.

Do you have any RZD child fare discounts on your website?

You can order a free ticket for children up to 5 years old who do not occupy a separate seat/berth. You can order a child fare ticket for children up to 10 years old with the reservation of a separate seat/berth. The discount is provided by the carrier and is calculated automatically. The age of the child is determined as of the day the train journey begins.

Please note: child fare tickets can only be ordered together with an adult ticket.

I need to carry an animal on the train. Do I have to order a ticket for it?

You can find out about the Rules for the carriage of animals in our Help section.

For which trains can I order e-tickets?

You can order e-tickets for trains on domestic routes, routes to/from CIS countries and Baltic states, some European countries, and for some local trains. You can find more details in our Help section.

Can I have my e-ticket re-issued for a different date/passenger?

It is not possible to re-issue an e-ticket. You can apply for a ticket refund and purchase a new ticket by selecting a different date or entering details of another passenger.

What if the surname and name in the passport are provided in two languages?

When you order tickets for domestic routes, the details must be entered in Russian. For trips to non-CIS countries, the details may be entered using Latin characters.

I made an error when entering the surname/name/passport number. Can I make corrections?

The carrier allows one error in the identity document number and one error in the passenger surname.

If there are more errors or the details are completely incorrect, you need to apply for a ticket refund and purchase a new one with the correct details.

Why can't I order a ticket "without a reserved seat " in a first-class car for an 8-year old child?

The availability of child fare tickets depends on the service class and the route of travel.

A compartment in a first-class car should be paid for entirely and, in this case, the child fare does not apply. Therefore, even if the adult travels with a child, he/she will have to order two adult tickets.

If two adults are traveling in the same compartment with a child up to 10 years old (depending on the route of travel), they can order a free ticket for the child in addition to their tickets.


If the incorrect passenger gender, date of birth or place of birth is provided, is it considered to be an error?

If the passenger's gender, date of birth or place of birth is provided, this is not sufficient grounds to deny boarding.

I need to purchase tickets for 5 people, but the order form only has space for 4 passengers. What should I do?

One order can only be used to purchase 4 e-tickets for 4 passengers. Seats/berths in different car types (4-person sleeper compartments, economy class sleeper cars, etc.), as well as different types of compartments (for men, for women, mixed) can only be purchased by placing separate orders.

If you need to purchase tickets for more than 4 passengers, split them into two orders.