Train ticket
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Passenger insurance

When purchasing a railway e-ticket on the UFS website, you can also apply for passenger insurance policy. Getting insurance is as simple as ticking the appropriate box when filling in the form. You do not need to go to the insurance company office: after purchasing the ticket, you will receive the insurance policy form by e-mail, which you will need to print out. The insurance policy will only cost you 100 rubles and if an insured event occurs, you will receive up to 150,000 rubles.

When filling in the form, the "Including insurance" item will be selected by default. You can decline the insurance policy by simply unchecking the appropriate box. But please bear in mind that, after declining the insurance policy when purchasing the ticket, you will not be able to obtain an insurance policy for your purchased railway ticket.

Orders with an insurance policy can only be paid for by bank card.

The insurance policy form will be sent to the e-mail address specified when you placed the order. You must print it out yourself.

Important! Russian Railways and FPC ticket offices do not print out or process refunds of voluntary insurance policies issued on the UFS website.

Refund of insurance policy

The refund terms and conditions are provided on the insurance policy form.

You can only apply for a refund of your insurance policy through your Personal Account or Your order service on the UFS website together with the e-ticket for which the policy was issued.

When the tickets are submitted for refund on the website, the cost of insurance is refunded in full without any deductions together with the refund amount for the tickets. The money is transferred to the bank card account used to pay for the tickets.

If you returned your unused e-ticket to Russian Railways or FPC ticket offices, you can receive a refund for your insurance policy by contacting the UFS customer support department. You can apply for an insurance policy refund separately from the e-ticket by sending a handwritten application to terminate the insurance contract together with a copy of your passport to The refund will be transferred to the payer's card account.