Train ticket
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What is dynamic pricing?

The principle of dynamic pricing includes the rules for calculating ticket prices introduced by FPC. Currently, the dynamic pricing system applies to all FPC cars, except for certain trains in the socially important segment.

How are ticket prices calculated?

Each route has its own fare plans. The price depends on the season, day of the week and transportation volumes. In certain cases, the minimum fare for 4-person sleeper cars only slightly exceeds the fares for economy class sleeper cars.

On the first day of sales (45 or 60 days prior to the train departure), passenger are guaranteed access to the minimum fare for this train. The price will then increase as the seats/berths in the train cars are sold and if there is high demand for a specific date.

This is the principle of the dynamic pricing policy: the higher the demand and the fewer seats/berths available, the higher the ticket price. But if the demand is low or competitors offer lower fares, the sale of tickets at lower prices can continue up to the date of the train's departure.

The tickets can be refunded in accordance with the fares used for purchasing these tickets.

Benefits of the new program for passengers

You can select the best fare based on your plans and finances.

Previously, the ticket prices for specified routes only depended on the travel season. After the introduction of these new rules, the pricing policy has become more flexible. This allows passengers to save money when they purchase tickets in advance.

The earlier you purchase your ticket, the lower the price!