Личный кабинет (en)

Train ticket

Available bonus and discount cards

You can get an additional discount if you use a bonus card. There are several types of bonus cards and programs.

RZD Bonus

The program allows you to collect points in your bonus account and use them to get premium tickets.

Points are collected for trips within and outside Russia using trains and cars from the Federal Passenger Company (a subsidiary of Russian Railways) and on Sapsan trains. To credit points to your bonus account when ordering a ticket on the UFS website, select Collect RZD bonus points in the Loyalty Card field and enter your bonus card number in the special field.

The RZD Bonus card also allows you to get a discount on the ticket if applicable to your fare plan. Depending on the fare plan, the discount can reach 50%, but it is not added to discounts from other promotional offers and special fares. To get a discount with your RZD Bonus card, when you enter the passenger details, select RZD bonus card discount in the Loyalty Card field and enter the number of your bonus card in the adjacent field. The discount will be calculated at the next step when the system generates the final ticket price.

How to become a member of the program

To become a member of the program, fill in the Registration form and get a bonus card number for collecting points. Points will be credited for trips that have been paid for and actually made by the Program member. Points will be credited automatically within 30 days after the train departure.

Travel cards

You can get an additional discount on Sapsan and Lastochka trains if you purchase a «Universal travel card. A travel card holder can get a 10% discount for tickets on Sapsan and Lastochka trains on the route St. Petersburg - Bologoye. The card is valid for 12 months after purchase and costs 3000 rubles.

You can buy a Universal card on any Sapsan train directly from the train attendants in car 6 (or cars 6 and 16 for dual formation trains) or in Russian Railways ticket offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg at:

  • 40/12 Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya St., b. 11, Moscow, metro stations Baumanskaya, Krasnoselskaya.
  • 2 Ostrovskogo Sq., St. Petersburg, metro stations Gostiny Dvor, Nevsky Prospekt.

You can use your travel card to buy a ticket on the UFS website. To do this, just enter the card number in the special field when you buy the ticket.

A card can only be issued for one user. This is a personal card, it cannot be transferred to other persons and cannot be exchanged, refunded or restored.

Travel cards are not valid on service classes 1Р (conference compartment) and 1В (first class). You cannot use other special offers and fares when you buy a ticket with your travel card.